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The New Seiko Prospex 1965 Divers SJE093 Brings Back The 62MAS Once Again (Live Pics & Price)

We've had the SLA017, now the 62MAS is back again with the SJE093, even more faithful to the original model.

| By Brice Goulard | 5 min read |
Seiko Prospex 1965 Divers Re-creation 62MAS Limited Edition SJE093

Seiko‘s reputation in the field of dive watches isn’t to be demonstrated anymore. Within its Prospex line (which stands for Professional Specifications), there are dozens of emblematic and ultra-capable models. However, if there was only one watch to remember, it should be (of course) the first. Known as the 62MAS, the 1965 Seiko Diver reference 6217 has been re-edited, in faithful or modernized ways, with high-end or accessible models, multiple times already in past years. But today, with its new Prospex 1965 Divers Re-creation SJE093, Seiko is bringing what’s probably the most faithful modern recreation of the 62MAS to date. 

The 62MAS in a nutshell

The first… Simple as that. Just because of that, the Seiko 62MAS is a watch of great importance. Back in 1965 when it was presented, it was both Seiko’s and Japan’s first purpose-built dive watch. It took about 12 years for Seiko to react to the invasion of Swiss-made dive watches – which started in 1953 with Blancpain, Zodiac and Rolex. Nevertheless, the Seiko 62MAS has to be considered the mother of all upcoming aquatic watches of the brand. Fonts, dial colour, bezel style, case style, it’s all there… Many of Seiko’s modern dive watches are still deeply inspired by this reference 6217.

Seiko Prospex Save the Ocean 62MAS-inspired SLA065

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The Seiko 6217-8000/1, nicknamed 62MAS, had strong arguments: an automatic movement (calibre 6217A), a 150m water resistance, a large (at that time) 38mm case with a mono-bloc shape (rather massive integrated lugs, which guarantee the solidity of the case) for maximum protection and a dark grey dial with large indexes and hands, of course, all luminous. The bezel was already featuring a perfectly readable 60-minute insert, with all the required markings, but was still bi-directional. But what matters most is how influential this watch has been on both future releases of Seiko and the dive watch industry in general – remember that Seiko had played an important role in the definition of the ISO 6425 standard for dive watches.


Moving forward in time, the 62MAS has been a great source of inspiration in the past 6 years. It all started in 2017 when Seiko released the SLA017, a high-end and vintage-oriented re-edition of the 62MAS. Measuring 40mm in diameter, equipped with a modern movement (calibre 8L35) and contemporary materials, it faithfully(ish) brought back the flair of the past model. The 2020 Seiko SLA037 followed with a hi-beat movement and a more modern blue colour, however with the same overall specifications. Recently, the launch of the SLA065 Save the Ocean also brought back the style of the 1965 diver, however, this watch has to be considered a luxurious Modern Re-interpretation (to use the brand’s nomenclature).

Seiko Prospex Diver SLA017 - 1965 Seiko 62Mas 6217 Reedition
The SLA017, Seiko’s first attempt at faithfully bringing back the style of the 62MAS

There are also several more accessible models to mention, all considered Modern Re-interpretation watches. It started in 2017 with the SPB051 and SPB053, fairly large watches that failed to fully convince. Seiko rectified the situation in 2020 with the SPB143, SPB147 and SPB149 watches – more vintage, more compact, more appealing and more convincing altogether.

The Seiko Prospex 1965 Divers Re-creation SJE093

Today, Seiko introduces into the Prospex collection a re-creation of the 1965 watch with a design and dimensions that are virtually identical to the original, while its specifications are thoroughly up-to-date. In fact, looking closely at this new SJE093, you’ll see that it’s even closer to the original 62MAS than the already faithful SLA017 of 2017.

Seiko Prospex 1965 Divers Re-creation 62MAS Limited Edition SJE093

What does this mean? First of all, no surprises regarding the overall design and shape of the case. It is a one-to-one recreation of the original model, with the same angular case, lugs that are integrated, strong straight shoulder and a crown positioned at 3 o’clock. The bezel, which is now unidirectional, retains a fully-graduated 60-minute scale printed over a glossy metallic insert (no ceramic here). And in order to mimic the charm of a vintage plexi, the SJE093 features a box-shaped sapphire crystal, with AR coating inside.

Seiko Prospex 1965 Divers Re-creation 62MAS Limited Edition SJE093

What changes most compared to the SLA017 are the dimensions. From 40mm x 14.1mm, Seiko has moved down quite drastically as the SJE093 measures 38mm in diameter with a height of 12.5mm – which is identical or, at least, very close to the original 1965 model. Some enhancements have been made, however, regarding the diving capacities. Thanks to its screw-down crown and caseback with modern gaskets, it is now water-resistant to 200 metres. The back of this vintage re-edition is solid steel and faithful to the original 62MAS with the same dolphin emblem.

The dial of the Prospex SJE093 again comes as a no surprise. It is faithful to the original, with its sunray-brushed dark grey base and oversized, blocky applied markers largely filled with light beige-toned LumiBrite. Large, facetted hands, again identical to the original model, and a framed date window at 3 o’clock complete the display of a dial that isn’t the most legible (it’s quite reflective) but that is harmful. The fonts and inscriptions are also greatly inspired by the past, but actualized according to the specifications of the watch (jewel count and water-resistance).

Under the solid steel back is the new calibre 6L37. It is the first movement from the slimline 6L family made expressly for diver’s watches. While sharing the same base architecture, power reserve and accuracy as the 6L35, it has been updated to meet durability and shock resistance standards of the Prospex line, with modifications in construction and material. This movement beats at 4Hz and boasts 45h of power reserve. If identical to the 6L35, the claimed accuracy should be -10/+15 seconds/day (not exceptional, but we’ve touch upon this topic already).

Seiko Prospex 1965 Divers Re-creation 62MAS Limited Edition SJE093

Worn on a black high-strength silicone strap with tropic-like pattern, closed by a steel pin buckle, the Seiko Prospex 1965 Divers Re-creation 62MAS Limited Edition SJE093 will be a limited edition of 1,965 pieces, delivered in a special box that echoes the retro feel of those used throughout the 1960s. It will be available a Seiko boutiques and select retail stores from August 2023, and priced at EUR 3,700. For more details, please visit

28 responses

  1. At this price point Seiko is far from the mark with sub-standard accuracy.

  2. It insults the faithful to not fully deliver the best they could otherwise do with lackluster mechanical performance…so I think I agree that Seiko misses the mark. I missed out on the SLA017 but decided to jump when SLA037 appeared. Same weird treatment with a poorly regulated or no regulated 36,000 vph movement when so much more is possible. Its like taking a race horse and putting it in a petting zoo or maybe just pulling a plow. If Seiko cannot respect its own many accomplishments including technical precision, why should we?

  3. Maybe Seiko wants its faithful following to pay lots more for those little extras like refined accuracy (easily attainable with modern technology), a more durable bezel, greater run time, etc. I’m surprised that they didn’t use a regular glass crystal because of the greater cost of sapphire.

    But, hey, can they put an accurate price on nostalgia?

  4. The crucial question here may be whether it isn’t the better choice to throw yourself into a Tudor Pelagas Titan 39 mm, nota bene at an almost “identical” price… the limitation of the Seiko makes the price inexplicable. It’s a pity that Seiko is getting expensive….

  5. My 2 year old Omega Seamaster will continue to do nicely!

  6. A really nice looking watch, bezel lines up and sapphire fitted, at last just like you get from pretty much everything you get from Aliexpress. €3700 on rubber with that accuracy, you really have to be a Seiko fan.

  7. Accuracy for the 6L37 is rated at -15/+25 according to the manual available online, so is worse than the 6L35.

  8. I am quite sure that there will not be many unique comments on accuracy, price and bezel alignment

  9. Yeah I know, boohoo, the movement sucks for €3700. But to those who compare it to 3rd rate Sub homages like the Pelagos 39, I’d have to say a) this is a timeless, original, as-close-to-perfect-as-it-gets diver design, which matters more to some people than COSC certification and b) I already called the AD and he confirmed that this will be sold at a discount, so you’re comparing a 4,4K watch to a watch that will effectively be sold close to 3K.

  10. Nice watch. But, I’m happy with my non-limited edition SPB143 at a 1/3 of the price.

  11. Interesting watch, pathetic price. Yet another hard nope regarding a Seiko watch.

  12. Seiko is the absolute worst watch company there is. They milk customers for as much as they’ve got and then don’t live up to even the most basic standards like not re-releasing limited edition watches, like living up to their warranties, like using decent movements. I sold off my collection of 5 Seikos and won’t go back.

  13. The best 38mm vintage diver is the Yema Pearldiver. For $799(usually less with a 10% coupon), it very well made, it comes with a beautiful bracelet, and a very accurate movement. I would’ve kept mine if I didn’t upgrade to a Tudor BB58.

  14. Again. People who complain about accuracy of Seiko watches. Did you know that the accuracy of many much more expensive watches such as Audermars Piguet watches is -10 to +10 seconds per day or worse?

    @Brice Goulard Complaining about accuracy or anything is fine, but you shouldn’t do it selectively. If you criticize the accuracy, you should criticize the non-exceptional accuracy of all watches.

  15. $4000 is absurd but, unfortunately, they’ll have no problem selling out.

  16. Any specifics on the lume?
    I’m wondering if it’s the more premium Lumibrite used on the Marine Master, Tuna, SLA versions, etc; or if it’s the lower grade stuff.
    At this price point, it matters.

  17. @Brice Gouland Why don’t you complain about the accuracy of much more expensive watches such as Audermars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, and IWC watches?

  18. Did anyone find the awkward lume placement at 3 o’clock being an eyesore?

  19. I have Black Bay 58 and SLA037. Looking at the design alone, SLA037 is much more beautiful, so I think it would be much better to buy SJE093 than Black Bay 54.

  20. A lot of hate in the comment but I I love it and already preordered it 🙂

  21. Looks great. Fingers crossed they give us a 6L SJE version of the 1968 case style as well.

  22. Why so expensive? I’ve got my Omega Seamaster 007 about 15 years ago and it’s still OK. 2400 USD in Emirates.

  23. I actually own a SJE093 and its within +2sec a day. Its a great watch and worth the 3500 USD I payed.

  24. I think there is a deep misunderstanding about this movement. And lots of people whining about a movement they have little to no experience with. Seiko habitually under-reports the accuracy. The ‘unregulated’ 8L35, based on online tests, operates within COSC parameters. The 6L35/6L37 are slim-line versions of the 8L35. The case has Zaratsu polishing. And personally, I’d pay at least $500 to NOT have the Prospex ‘X’ on the dial. Design 101: The words Prospex and Presage or their brand marks should never appear on a dial. They cheapen it.

  25. My god some of these comments ………………this is a reliable watch company you guys are worse than movie critics I have been wearing seiko for 50 years still to this day zero problems we are not talking about rocket science they work they are reliable they suit every budget I can go on but my brain has caught fire reading these hilarious negative comments ……….😱😰😨🥶


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