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Baselworld 2017 – Seiko Also Revamps the 62Mas in a Modern Way – Ref. SPB051 – SPB053

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
Seiko 62Mas Modern Reedition SPB051 SPB053 - baselworld 2017

A few days ago, at the opening of Baselworld 2017, we’ve been introducing to you the star of the show for Seiko collectors, the super-vintage, super-faithful and super-cool reedition of the Seiko Diver 62Mas, under the reference SLA017. This watch is superb, but it has two issues: a rather hefty price and a limited production. So, for those with a smaller budget or those who won’t be able to get the limited edition, Seiko will also have a more accessible and more modern interpretation of the iconic 62Mas, the Seiko Prospex Diver SPB051 and SPB053.

As such, these two Seiko Prospex Diver SPB051 and SPB053 will certainly create a bit less emotions than the SLA017. There’s no doubt about it. This edition is a talking piece, a faithful vintage reedition of what certainly is the most iconic watch of the Japanese brand. Yet, it will be hard to find and the budget is rather consequent. Still, don’t get me wrong here, the Seiko SPB051 and SPB053 are not poor’s man options. They have strong arguments to becomes heartbreakers for collectors. We’re talking about Prospex dive watches from Seiko anyway.

Seiko 62Mas Modern Reedition SPB051 - baselworld 2017

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These new Seiko Prospex Diver SPB051 and SPB053 also echo the design of the 1965 original 62Mas (ref. 6217), but are thoroughly up-to-date in their functions and meet Seiko’s stringent standards for modern dive watches. You have to see in these watches an evocation of the past, not a copy-past of a vintage model. This is why for instance, while sharing some elements of the 62Mas in terms of design (integrated lugs, straight casebands, non-protected crown or circular brushing on flat surfaces), the case has been updated to be larger, stronger and more efficient. Still crafted in stainless steel, it now measures 42.6mm in diameter and 13.8mm in height, respectable dimensions for sure, but not overly massive as many dive watches from Seiko (it’s not unusual to 44mm or 45mm cases at Seiko, especially in the Prospex line).

Seiko 62Mas Modern Reedition SPB051 - baselworld 2017

The overall shape feels more modern, less squarish than the 62Mas. Yet, these Seiko Prospex Diver SPB051 and SPB053 still uses some known elements: the same kind of bezel insert, with dots and numerals, some large embossed indexes, featuring a lot of luminous paint and circled by metallic rings, just like the date window at 3. Yet, evolutions are visible. For instance, these indexes are now trapezoidal (not rectangular anymore) and the hands are different: a sword hand for the minutes and a large arrow for the hours, a design more in line with modern creations of the brand. The water resistance has been increased to 200 meters and the crystal is sapphire for greater strength and durability and has an anti-reflection coating.

Inside the case is a known, reliable automatic movement, the Calibre 6R15, which powers many of the middle-range Seiko watches. This movement beats at 3Hz and boasts 50h of power reserve. it is a modern calibre, introduced in 2006, which already proved its precision (regulated to -15 / +25 seconds/day).

Seiko 62Mas Modern Reedition SPB053 - baselworld 2017

Two versions of this new Seiko Prospex Diver will be available:

  • the SPB051, with black dial and black bezel, complemented by a stainless steel bracelet with three-fold clasp, push button release, secure lock and extender – Price: EUR 1,100 – Available in November 2017.
  • the SPB053, with blue dial and blue bezel, attached to an accordion-style silicone strap (invented by Seiko in 1975) – Price: EUR 900 – Available in November 2017.

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16 responses

  1. Absolutely stunning. This is a watch with real pedigree, real dive chops and a modern look that can still clearly relate to the original. Date, sapphire, work horse movt and scratch resistant diashield coating. This will tick a lot of boxes for collectors of Seiko. I plan on buying both

  2. Hi Brice and thanks for sharing these interesting news from Seiko.
    This piece, as well as the previous you introduced in the past days, is very fine however a bit overpriced to me.

    In general the feeling I have regarding Seiko at Baselworld 2017 is that they’re trying to change the brand’s perception moving up the prices – a policy that other brands followed in the past and that was not always successful.
    I really love Seiko, I am a huge fan and collector, however I don’t find this approach appealing.
    However japanese marketing is often difficult to understand for us, so we’ll see in the future.


  3. I like how the actual 62MAS LE reissue is priced around $4K and limited to 2000 pieces to make this $1K model look palatable. I bet a bunch of watch part makers are ginning up to manufacture more authentic looking 62MAS replacement hands for this one already. The decisions Seiko makes might add up internally, but not so much from where I stand.

  4. Hi,
    Where I can buy a seiko prospex online ?
    Anyone can advise on a trusted web?

  5. Adore the 62MAS reissue. And pairing it up with a couple 62MAS re-interpretations is brilliant. If I could find the 62MAS, I’d pick one up in a heartbeat, but I think I’m going to have to settle with the black-dialed SPB051.

  6. Jeem
    Please contact me for information about one SLA017 reissue watch. I have one new for sale 😉
    And thanks Franck for letting me know about this.

  7. Same for JF. Please contact me : laphroaig007 on instagram.

  8. I want to buy the 051 , if ı can. Sometimes you have to pay more to find the perfect piece 🙂

  9. The handset is makes this revamp a half-baked offering. I mean, all they would have need to make this as advertised is straight hands but instead its a parts-bin special. Very disappointing. Don’t get me wrong- as a watch it is very nice. But let’s cut any reference to the 62MAS.

  10. Apologies for the terrible typing above. Buttered toast and keyboards don’t mix!

  11. Just bought the Seiko SPB051/SBDC051. Love at first sight. it’s more than a couple steps away from being a 62MAS, calling it a re-issue is more marketing than anything. But I don’t care. It’s stunning on the wrist. This is only the second new watch I’ve bought since 1983. Vintage is more my thing, but had to own this one.

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