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Sarpaneva K1 with Enamel Dial

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |
Sarpaneva Korona K1 Enamel

It’s been a while (way too long actually) since we reported about Stepan Sarpaneva’s watches. Earlier this year Sarpaneva introduced a new version of the Korona K1,which is already the third generation. Now Sarpaneva introduces something he has never done before: a new K1 with a milky-white ENAMEL dial. This edition will be limited, however not in time (as he usually does), but in numbers. Just 8 pieces will be made!

The K1 Enamel Dial comes in the 42mm beautifully shaped case, that measures roughly 10mm in height. Due to very short lugs and the pleasant dimensions, the K1 sits very nice on the wrist and wears smaller than many other watches measuring 42mm in diameter. The new enamel dial is really something very new for Sarpaneva, as pretty much ever watch he made until now, featured a visually ‘busy’ dial. Now… it’s calmness.

Sarpaneva Korona K1 Enamel

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One of the many lovely details of the new Korona K1 Enamel is the brand’s name printed on the inside of the crystal. And that’s just one of the many beautiful details. Sarpaneva didn’t show more photos at this moment, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the iconic rotor with the equally iconic moon is visible through a sapphire crystal in the case back. On top of the extremely clean and crisp dial we see the well-known hour markers and hands. The hour markers have been laser cut, than beveled and circular brushed by hand. All angles of the steel “track” around the dial, must have the very same angle in order to reflect the light in the same way.

The hands are partially polished and partially sandblasted. When the entire hand is first polished, half of it will be protected by tape, and than the unprotected half will be sandblasted. This gives a beautiful contrast AND it really helps reading time with a quick glance on the dial.

Sarpaneva Korona hand 2nd generation
Sarpaneva Korona hand 2nd generation and later

For information about availability, it’s best to contact Stepan Sarpaneva directly through his website (click here).

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