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Iced versions of the Sarpaneva Korona K1

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

Sarpaneva just released two new versions of the Korona K1 with sapphires set in the bezel. Two new ‘iced’ Korona K1 versions from Finland.

End of 2009, Stepan Sarpaneva, an independent Finnish watchmaker, released the stainless steel version of the Korona K1 (2nd generation) and in the mean while he has released several special editions of the Korona K2 (Kaamos) and an entirely new version of the Korona K3 Northern Stars. Now Sarpaneva adds some stones to his watches… for the first time. Two ‘iced ‘ versions of the Korona K1.

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There is a version with electric blue dial and bezel set with blue sapphires (48 pieces, in total 0.96 carat) and a version with a DLC Beryllium dial  and orange sapphires set in the bezel (48 pieces, in total 1.22 carat). The dials are DLC treated and are also available on the non-iced Korona K1.

The Korona K1 is 42 mm in diameter and 10.2 mm thick. The diameter and relatively thin case add to a very comfortable wearing of this watch. The dial might seem ‘simple’ but there go many, many hours in finishing the dial by hand. I wrote an extensive review about all details of the Korona K1 (1st generation), which also includes how the dial, hands, movement and case are made and finished. The rotor is also hand-finished and has gotten the same DLC treatment that gives it the electric blue color.

Check out one of our previous postings for more details about the Sarpaneva Korona K1 or the Korona RG/WG which has the same specifications, except for the material of the case, which is made of red gold or white gold and this new versions are made in stainless steel.

One more photo of the new ‘iced’ Korona K1… a wrist shot, although not on my wrist.

For more information, you can contact Stepan Sarpaneva through his website or check the Sarpaneva Facebook page.

A requested one additional photo showing both new ‘iced’ Koronas… The color of both dials changes a lot depending on the angle you look at them, so it’s very hard to capture how it will look on the wrist. Just compare the ‘Electric/Imperial Blue’ and ‘Berylium/Rust Brown’ with a photo in this post.

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  1. If you equipe the Korona K1 in the last picture with a black alligator strap with blue stitching it wil be a great men’s model! Do you also have a full picture of the version with the orange Sapphires? Especially in combination with the dial does it look quite promising. Thanks!

  2. As requested a photo that also shows the Berylium dial version (that used to be called ‘rust brown’ dial version). It’s almost impossible to capture the ‘real’ color as it changes under different light conditions and when looking at it in different angles.
    Hope this helps in getting an idea of what it looks like.

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