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First wrist shot of Sarpaneva Korona K1

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

Buying a new watch should be like a small party. Buying my new watch was more than that… it was overwhelming.

I just got home from a wonderful trip to Helsinki, where i picked up my new watch. In the next days, weeks, months i will post more about visiting Stepan Sarpaneva. Stepan explained a lot about the production of the Korona watches and the modifications he does on the movement. And he gave me some insight in his plans for new watches to come. Most exiting!

The Korona K1 feel very comfortable on my wrist and is a joy to look at. Now a quick wrist shot of my new watch 🙂

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Sarpaneva Korona K1
Sarpaneva Korona K1

In the next weeks i’ll blog about my trip, about the Sarpaneva watches and the technical aspects.

6 responses

  1. Thanx Robert-Jan, i couldn’t be happier with the new watch! Now it’s waiting for your new baby 🙂

  2. Hi glad to see your lucky enough to own one of these Sarpaneva watches.Can you give me an idea of how much they cost,I like the Korona K3. I cant find any stockists listing prices.I am in Great Britain and no one sells these watches here. If the price is way above my budget then I will just keep buying lottery tickets+praying for that day. I can really relate to Stepan and his story,his watches are so fresh and imaginative that I feel that I need to own one. Hope you are enjoying yours.Best regards Gary

  3. Hi Gary, the Sarpaneva is still on my wrist 99% of the time. It’s great to the office when i wear a suit and it looks great with jeans and t-shirt. I’m absolutely thrilled with my Sarpaneva K1.
    I just mailed you about your question.
    Kind regards,

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