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Armin Strom and Oster Jewelers Team Up To Create Cool Models With Kari Dials (Live Pics & Price)

Gravity Equal Force limited editions with exclusive Kari Voutilainen decoration

| By Xavier Markl | 2 min read |

Created 20 years ago, Oster Jewelers is Denver’s top retailer for watches and jewellery. For what is our focus at Monochrome, they have specialized in independent watchmaking timepieces with an interesting portfolio of brands that made Oster one of the reference retailers for indie watchmaking in the USA and beyond. To mark their 20th anniversary, Oster has teamed up with Armin Strom to present three Gravity Equal Force limited editions with exclusive Kari Voutilainen guilloche decoration all around. 

This series is the follow up to the first successful Gravity Equal Force (GEF) Oster Edition which was launched in 2020. Back then, the First Edition was the first Armin Strom GEF to feature a Kari Voutilainen guilloché dial plate. For the second series, Oster wanted to further explore guilloché and create a truly unique pattern for the dial plate.

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The inspiration came from the distinctive tapestry pattern of a vintage watch that Jeremy Oster used to wear in the late 1990s. Kari Voutilainen worked on the pictures that Jeremy Oster sent Armin Strom. He created a superb, modernized version of that classic pattern. Various sizes of cuts offering a very different take on the original were proposed. Jeremy Oster and Armin Strom selected the pattern that looked the most modern and would appear to play with light the most. For the off-centred dial, there again the focus was on guilloche with a design mixing different patterns and colours.

The System 78 Gravity Equal Force is the result of Armin Strom’s research in the field of chronometry. Modern yet elegantly traditional, its goal was to seek new solutions to deliver consistent power in mechanical watches. Presented in a 41mm round case, it combines an off-centre dial with three straight parallel bridges holding components (including the barrel and a dial-side micro-rotor). Its ASB19 calibre incorporates an innovative barrel. Among other sophistications, it is fitted with an original Maltese cross stopwork adapted to the specificities of an automatic movement. In practice, only nine turns of the barrel are used out of a possible 12 and a half. The power reserve is still comfortable, at 72 hours, but by using only the optimal range of the mainspring, this ensures a more stable delivery of torque to the regulating organ, hence a more precise rate. You can learn more about this complex watch in our in-depth video here. 

To mark their 20th anniversary, Oster Jewelers present three exclusive variants of this Gravity Equal Force limited to 10 pieces each; two in steel and one in rose gold. Price is set at USD 26,000 in steel and USD 36,800 in rose gold. For more information, please visit and

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