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Linde Werdelin test – part 2

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

Linde Werdelin asked me to test their 2-Timer for the purpose it was made for… vacation. At least that’s my opinion about Linde Werdelin’s 2-Timer and the new 3-Timer.

A few days ago i shared some photos of my trip with the 2-Timer on my wrist. My experiences will come later, so for now i’ll share some more photos. Yesterday i picked up an old Royal Enfield. Riding an old Royal Enfield in India has been a dream since i got my drivers licence, when i was 18.

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Since i arrived in India my transport was a scooter, which is the main form of transport to most people in Goa. The Linde Werdelin 2-Timer has been on my wrist all the time. On the scooter, on the beach and in the sea. Until now it runs perfectly and during the darker hours, that start around 6.30 PM the super luminova, which is applied on the 5-minute markers and hands, has been my friend.

Thursday the Royal Enfield is supposed to take me from the north of Goa to Gokarna, which is 150 kilometers to the south. The road will be totally different from anything we are used to in Europe, the United States and several countries in the far east. The 2-Timer will of course be on my wrist during this ‘rough’ ride on roads with more holes than asphalt, mountain roads, horrible diesel smell coming from old trucks, trying to avoid the occassional cow on the road.

The funny thing is, that it will be accompanied by another swiss measuring device! If you look at the AMP meter, you can see the word “swiss” of swiss made.

Let’s hope the old motorcycle will bring me to Gokarna without too much trouble.

One last photo before i strap the Linde Werdelin 2-Timer on my wrist again…

If everything goes well i’ll post more photos in a few days…

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