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Linde Werdelin bracelet… nice!!

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

I’ve seen the different Linde Werdelin straps, which i think are very nice. Recently i fond out they also have a bracelet, which really suits the typical LindeWerdelin design. In my opnion it really completes their watches. Take a look. 

Earlier this month, i wrote about the 5-day test-drive Linde Werdelin offers to people who are interested their watches. Linde Werdelin was so kind to borrow me a 2-Timer for my vacation. This way i can test the watch and see if this really is the perfect vacation watch. Today i arrived in India where I hope to enjoy my vacation for the next 3,5 weeks. Whenever i have time to visit an internet cafe i will try to upload a photo and share my experiences with the Linde Werdelin 2-Timer. So stay tuned or subscribe to the email newsletter to receive new posts via email.

Linde Werdelin bracelet

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One of the readers of Monochrome mailed me to ask me if Linde Werdelin also made a bracelet and i replied they didn’t. Afterwards i checked this with Linde Werdelin and was told they do have a bracelet…. Although it’s not on the website, it is still part of their collection.

There are ony a few watches that have a bracelet that somehow really completes and perfectly suits the design. One of the best examples of this my opinion, is the steel vesion of the IWC Ingenieur. And of course other Gerald Genta designs 🙂 Now i’ve seen this combination, i can add one to this list.

Linde Werdelin - Foundation Watch

I won’t spent to many words on it and show you some photos of a Linde Werdelin on a bracelet. The first photo is from Linde Werdelin, the rest of the photos show Stefan’s Linde Werdelin Foundation Watch. Stefan, thanx for sharing these beautiful photos.

Just look at his Linde Werdelin next to a Rolex Sea-Dweller…  it shows how massif this combination is. Very nice!!

Linde Werdelin - Foundation Watch

If you want to know more or order a bracelet, you can contact Linde Werdelin. Oh… and if you buy the bracelet, do let me know. I would really love t see more photos.

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