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New Porsche Design Custom-Built Watches For the New Hybrid Porsche 911 Generation 992.2

Linked to the reveal of the first road electrified 911 in history, Porsche Design unveils new models including a customizable travel watch.

| By Brice Goulard | 5 min read |

Today is an important moment in the history of a 60-year iconic sports car. The new generation of Porsche 911, dubbed 992.2, has just been revealed and, as anticipated, it comes with hybrid power. Not full hybrid, but more of an electric assistance to boost the performances. What will it give on the road…? That remains to be seen. As often when a new Porsche car model is launched, Porsche Design translates the car’s design language into customisable timepieces. For the launch of the Porsche 992.2, there are some new options for the chronograph and the addition of the Globetimer to the configurator, which is now housed in the brand’s classic case. 

The Porsche 911 Generation 992.2

While MONOCHROME is primarily a watch magazine, we don’t hide our love for cars too (see The Petrolhead Corner section for that). And today is an important one as Porsche reveals the new generation of Porsche 911, the 992.2 – and yes, it is the first road-going hybrid 911 (there’s been a hybrid race 911 in 2010). For the Porsche fanbase, this will be an electroshock. Think about it as if Rolex equipped its Submariner with a Spring Drive movement… It’s not as dramatic as it sounds, though.

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The revised Porsche 911 Generation 992.2 Carrera (no hybrid system) with a slightly sleeker design

The Porsche 911 Generation 992.2 is a strong mid-life update of the 8th generation of the iconic sportscar. But this is more than just a visual facelift. Just like the 991.2 added turbos to the Carrera, the 992.2 brings major powertrain updates, in the name of electricity… It’s not a full EV or a plug-in-hybrid yet, but there’s electric assistance to the engine – on SOME of the new models. Yes, the base 911 Carrera model is still powered by a classic 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged engine – 394hp on the Carrera (10hp extra). And it is available immediately at launch. Will we see ICE Carrera S and 4S models later? Most probably, with about 460hp to expect.

The all-important new hybrid Porsche 911 Generation 992.2 GTS with T-Hybrid system, a first for a road-going 911.

What matters is the new Porsche 992.2 GTS, with the T-hybrid system and an electric motor in the single turbocharger to reduce turbo lag and increase power, but also recover energy. Thanks to a lightweight high-performance battery in the front, the weight has been kept down – about 50kg more than before. But the result is a car with 541hp (61hp more than the previous GTS) and 610nm of torque. The 992.2 Porsche 911 GTS T-Hybrid is based on a new 3.6-litre single-turbo Flat-6 engine (of course), with an electric motor integrated into the new PDK gearbox, and features slightly controversial slats on the front – which are part of an active aero package. Chassis upgrades include rear-axle steering and active anti-roll bars as standard. Performances…? Zero to 100 km/h in 3.0 seconds and a top speed of 312 km/h for the 911/992.2 Carrera GTS Coupé.

As for the looks, the Porsche 992.2 in Carrera or GTS T-Hybrid forms is still classic 911, yet with streamlined, modernized details – for the best or the worst… This will be up to you. And inside, the iconic gauge cluster with 5 instruments is now replaced by a full digital element, and the classic key has been replaced by a start-stop button – which is, thankfully, still placed on the left side. As always, the Porsche 911 Generation 992.2 brings its dosage of updates with modernity, and potentially controversial topics, but it’s always been the case for each new generation. But now, on to the watches that are linked to this 992.2.

New Option for the Porsche Design Configurator, including the Globetimer

Launched in 2020, the Porsche Design Custom-Built Timepieces Program offers the ability to create their take on a watch that will be linked (or not) to their own Porsche sports car. The program has now been expanded with a Globetimer model, to sit alongside the existing chronograph watch.

For the classic chronograph, new options have been added. While the base dial will always be matte black, the ring around the dial will be available in all exterior colours of the new 911 gen. 992.2, as well as iconic and historic colours of the Paint to Sample program (such as Gulf Blue or Rubystar), for a total of 142 colourways. While the option for a titanium bracelet is still possible, new colours are available for the straps – linked to the genuine Porsche vehicle thread. Finally, the coolest part of these watches, the chronograph can be equipped with a rotor shaped like the new wheels of the 992.2 GTS model, or one of the 8 new wheel rim variants available on the new 911.

More importantly, Porsche Design adds the Globetimer to its custom-built Timepieces program. Known in its 1919 shape up until now, this traveller’s watch is now available in the brand’s classic titanium case, with a 42mm diameter and 14.68mm thickness. The case can be ordered in natural glass-bead blasted titanium or coated in black titanium carbide. While the case design is different, the concept of the Globetimer remains the same, that of a highly practical dual-time watch with + and – pushers on the side to adjust local time. It is powered by the COSC-certified calibre WERK 04.110, a Sellita SW200 with Dubois Depraz module (and more modifications).

As with the chronograph, the Porsche Design Custom-built Globetimer can be fully customized (coloured ring, strap or bracelet, choice of leather and yarn) however here the watch comes with a closed back. While you won’t enjoy the cool wheel-shaped rotor, the solid titanium back can be engraved with up to 5 lines of text. 

Both the new options for the chronograph and the Custom-built Globetimer will be added today to the configurator, with the latter starting from EUR 5,950 (actual price depending on the options). For more details, please visit

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  1. A spring drive or ecodrive would have been more in line with the product 🙂

  2. The only right option would have been a spring drive movement or a mechaquartz.

  3. According to my teenage daughter i should feel embarrassed by still driving a polluting 993 that smells and awakes my neighbours when i start.

    Sorry world…

  4. @YCC – and according to the petrolheads and 911 fanboys from the MONOCHROME team, you can’t be blamed for that!!! Great car the 993!

  5. Forget to connect to the watches. Its a watch website after all. I wear a sailing watch with it…the carrera skipper.

  6. I missed the bit, celebrating the watch, perpetually becoming heavier… Then again, when I look around, that seems to be what is happening to all the upright walking mammals (not in the aesthetically pleasing way).

    About the T-hybrid 911 – Porsche’s promo video says: “It feels like a naturally aspirated engine”. WOW – we have progressed backwards and became obese in the process. Is that not a perfect analogy for where we are in space and time?

    @YCC: I maintain a white-knuckle clutch on my 991.1 C4S, even at the risk of every parents’-basement-dweller in a new GTi, running circles around us.

  7. The Porsche globe timer is a beaut, however it is to large for my wrist size….perhaps like all Porsche products overpriced. Given this why can’t Porsche make the globe timer in 37, or 38 mm, if they did, I would make the purchase.

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