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The Porsche-Design Custom-Built Chronograph – Create the Perfect Watch Matching Your Porsche 911

Customize everything with an online configurator.

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

Today, we’ll be reviewing something special. Something that is unusual for the luxury watch industry. Sure, we’ll look at watches… You’re reading MONOCHROME after all. Today, we’ll look at a couple of watches by Porsche-Design. But there’s more to the story, as we’ll be talking about the brand’s latest concept. And yes, it is quite an interesting idea, almost unique in this industry; the ability to custom-build your watch, choosing colours, materials, display, straps and thus making sure that your future watch is as close as possible to your desires… or to your Porsche 911. This is the Porsche-Design Custom-Built Chronograph and today we show both the watches and how, thanks to an online configurator, you’ll be able to customize your chronograph watch. 

If you want to know more about the watches themselves, we tell you all in the video review. But a few words are needed to understand the Porsche Design Custom-Built Timepieces Program. Based on what’s already existing to create your perfect Porsche car, Porsche Design has created a configurator – accessible here – where the watch is digitally visualized down to the smallest detail to provide customers with a realistic depiction of their dream timepiece. There, you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of options – case colour and material, dial colour, colour of the leather strap, stitchings, and the coolest option, a rotor shaped like 911 wheels in the current collection.

Porsche Design Custom-Built Timepieces Program

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All the colours and leathers are also directly taken from Porsche catalogue, so making a Custom-Built Chronograph that perfectly matches your newly acquired 992 model is just a matter of selecting the right options. And of course, even if you don’t own one of these sports cars, you can also create a Porsche-Design chronograph that reflects your style.

Since images are better than words, we clearly encourage you to check the video review on top of this article, as it will show you both the watches and exactly how you’ll be able to configure your Porsche-Design chronograph watch… And don’t miss the caseback, because this part really is something special.

For more details about the Porsche Design Custom-Built Timepieces Program, please visit this page here, at

5 responses

  1. There are plenty of companies that offer customization like this.Nothing new.Aso plenty of watches where ..Form follows function.
    “Sets itself apart with a chronometer spec.” Too funny..

  2. @ Stevan: eager to get to know these plenty ones offering > 1,5 million different options. Please name some

  3. I went to the site to see the offerings, and all of them are about appearance, and that’s it. There is nothing for performance like movement choice. The movement is a from the mill, COSC-certified 7750 with a rotor embellished with the Porsche design logo- nothing special. This for me has no attractive at all. For the money they ask, I can do better by buying all parts from different sites, even ebay, and assembling one myself. And I still have the black Orfina-made, Lemania 5100 powered Porsche Design Chronograph from the 1970’s that I assembled myself from old parts I got from Ebay, and re-lumed all the hands and dial as I wanted. That is customization, not what Porsche Design offers. That i MHO.

  4. Just saw your post can you make a YouTube video of it and post the link here ?

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