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The Online-Exclusive Laurent Ferrier Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green

LF's subtle take on green returns on the brand's time-only model.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
Laurent Ferrier Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green

Independent watchmaker Laurent Ferrier is known for making deceptively simple watches. Sleek, almost minimalist in design, the watches often hide complex movements with advanced technical solutions – even for those only displaying the time. Another aspect that characterises LF is the delicate sense of elegance combined with a discreet twist. Recently, the brand presented its third model in the Série Atelier. These watches are produced in very limited quantities and sold exclusively on the brand’s website, making them highly collectable. Based on the Classic Traveller, the focal point of this watch was its stunning Magnetic Green colour. And now it’s back on the most classic of watches, with the new Laurent Ferrier Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green. 

The Laurent Ferrier “Série Atelier” collection began in 2020 with the Classic Origin Green. It was continued in 2021 with a blue and orange version of the École Annual Calendar and earlier this year with the Classic Traveller Magnetic Green. The idea behind this collection is to bring a slightly different twist to existing watches with different colours and materials. The brand explains: “It’s no secret that globally the watch industry has been enjoying a nice upturn for some time. But the latter can sometimes put collectors at a disadvantage because of the reduced accessibility of timepieces. Although Laurent Ferrier does not have a miracle solution to this supply problem, (the Série Atelier) enables a handful of the most reactive collectors to obtain a precious Laurent Ferrier timepiece in less than two months.” Fair enough…

Laurent Ferrier Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green

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The Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green is a fusion of two previously known elements. On the one hand, it is the brand’s most classic watch, an elegant, discreet, refined, but mechanically complex one that has been LF’s cornerstone watch for over ten years. On the other hand, we have the magnetic green dial and titanium case, previously seen on the Classic Traveller. And by mixing these two elements, you obtain a very attractive watch.

Laurent Ferrier Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green

Visually, the Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green is shaped like a pebble, with an ultra-smooth case crafted in polished grade 5 titanium without a single sharp line. Everything is domed and curved, including the ball-shaped crown or the (quite reflective) sapphire crystal. This softness of the shapes is a signature element of Laurent Ferrier’s design language. The watch measures a reasonable 40mm in diameter with a height of 10.70mm… almost dress watch territory. Complementing the dial’s colour scheme is a forest green nubuck leather strap.

Laurent Ferrier Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green

The main attraction of this Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green is the dial. It is identical to the Traveller in colour and finishing, with this subtle, almost minty green colour that whispers discretion. A toned-down twist, typical of LF…Sunray-brushed in the centre and circular brushed on the periphery, this green dial is complemented by polished white gold hardware, with thin, elegant drop-shaped hour markers and Assegai-shaped hands in 18k white gold. The small seconds counter is slightly recessed and features a snailed pattern for contrast.

Laurent Ferrier Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green

The other side of this Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green is far more effusive. Inside the titanium case is the brand’s complex proprietary automatic movement with a natural escapement. Wound by a gold micro-rotor, it delivers a robust 3-day power reserve. It features a double direct impulse escapement on the balance, inspired by AL Breguet. It has two escape wheels, operating alternately and transmitting their energy directly to the balance. We speak of a direct impulse to the balance because it is no longer the pallet lever that gives the impulse to the balance as in classic Swiss lever escapements but the escape wheel (thus more efficient). There’s also a silicon pallet-lever, an ultra-light and self-lubricating material. Finally, the decoration is refined, with circular-grained plates, hand-bevelled bridges with satin-brushed surfaces, and even inward angles on the rotor bridge, which is also mirror-polished and hand-bevelled, just like the balance bridge.

Availability & Price

The Laurent Ferrier Classic Micro-Rotor Magnetic Green is a limited edition of 20 pieces and can be ordered exclusively on the website It is priced at CHF 49,500, excluding taxes.

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