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The Baltic X A Collected Man MR01 Blue Roulette

A watch inspired by vintage classics, with two great names behind it.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
Baltic X A Collected Man MR01 Blue Roulette

Talking about a success story, the Baltic MR01 has recently been one of the most discussed and sought-after models on the micro-brand scene. And rightfully so, as with its Calatrava-styled case, its thin micro-rotor movement, its charm-packed vintage design and its accessible price, there was a lot to love… so much that the watch is still in shortage a year after its release. But today is your chance to get one. And not a standard one, but a super-cool limited edition with a vintage roulette-styled, Patek-inspired dial, paying tribute to the early Calatrava 96 story. Be aware (and fast), I’m pretty sure there won’t be enough of these MR01 Blue Roulette for A Collected Man. 

Baltic X A Collected Man MR01 Blue Roulette

Everything in the Baltic X A Collected Man MR01 Blue Roulette screams 1930s/1940s Calatrava, but with the right dosage of modernity to make it cool on the wrist in 2022. Already with the classic editions of the Baltic MR01, the inspiration was clear; the Patek Philippe Calatrava reference 96. And there’s nothing bad in this, as this very watch is the epitome of the no-nonsense dress watch. But when London-based watch curator A Collected Man decides to take on the concept, they have brought something quite unique, something different to this existing accessible dress watch. Something that is once again linked to the rich history of the reference 96, in the name of the rare and original “roulette” dial.

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Baltic X A Collected Man MR01 Blue Roulette

Revisiting an aesthetic from the past, the roulette dial owes its name to its oddly attractive, surprisingly modern and graphic design reminiscent of a casino game known as the roulette. Basically, a step forward in the idea of the sector dial with more numerals, more compartments and different segment designs. It has an uncommon configuration and scale of numerals that gives this watch a unique aesthetic. But as often with Baltic, it’s not just about recreating the past, but it’s also about making it relevant today.

Baltic X A Collected Man MR01 Blue Roulette

As such, the dial construction of the MR01 Blue Roulette relies on levels and textures; from the contrasting brushed rings stepping down to a subtle grain on the base, and all rendered in a contemporary blue colour that brings more liveliness, more boldness to this already original design. The hidden gem that is the roulette-style dial is elevated to a new level here, with a modern reinterpretation. As said by Baltic Creative Director Jas Rewkiewicz, the roulette dial “feels like something you discover once you’ve grown an appreciation for sector dials,” as an even more seasoned, more niche take on the concept.

This textured, graphic blue dial also features the oddly-positioned small second counter of the classic Baltic MR01, at 7 o’clock, and with its own concentric pattern. For the occasion of this collaboration with A Collected Man, the MR01 Blue Roulette inaugurates new dauphine-shaped polished hands, replacing the classic leaf-shaped hands of the standard collection.

All other attributes have been kept (almost) intact. As such, the voluntarily compact case still measures 36mm in diameter, with a height of 9.9mm with its plexiglass crystal included. The muted, almost utilitarian design typical of the Calatrava watches has been reinforced here with brushed surfaces all around, including a vertically-brushed bezel. The MR01 Blue Roulette is worn on a grained calf strap in taupe – a sort of signature for ACM.

Baltic X A Collected Man MR01 Blue Roulette

Inside the case is the same micro-rotor movement found across Baltic’s MR01 range – a movement made by the Hangzhou manufacture. This thin, automatic movement is most noticeable for its architecture usually reserved for high-end makers, with a micro-rotor that allows keeping the height below 4mm and showing most of the parts. It is also a quite large calibre, at 30mm.

Availability & Price

The Baltic MR01 Blue Roulette for A Collected Man will be a limited edition of 300 pieces, available exclusively from the London-based watch specialist. The watches will be offered online on this page from the 21st of September, at 14:00 BST (15:00 Europe Time, 09:00 New York Time) and priced at GBP 500.

For more details about the MR01, please visit

7 responses

  1. It is a lovely watch. Beautiful dial and an interesting case. The concept of a micro rotor would also be in-keeping with the mid-century vibes. Unfortunately, the movement is a disaster. I have never seen a movement that looks so poorly finished and, I still cannot believe I am saying this, dirty in every single picture I have seen.

  2. Love it! I own two Baltic watches. They are beautiful time pieces, surprisingly they keep verybgood time.

  3. I have a Baltic HMS002 and have been looking for another Baltic. This should be a perfect addition, provided I’m able to secure one.

  4. It was a sham.
    I tried to buy the watch. I added it to my shopping bag and by the time I authorised the credit card transaction, the watch had been removed from my cart and was no longer available. This is unacceptable as the item should have been reserved while the transaction was being done. I do not plan to buy from A Collected Man again. Caveat emptor. You’ve been warned

  5. I’m with you guys on this one…Just wanted to give a shout out to them as to how horrible it was to try to purchase this model. I was at the checkout to verify payment and their site immediately went into a payment maintenance mode…when I successfully purchased it (*I thought I did) I got the message it was sold out….anyways, I sent them an email to just let them know that they just made a lot of flippers very happy. Was purchasing two for my friend and myself for keeps but I guess life rolls differently for the real “collected” men on this world.

  6. I am also slightly disappointed. I had the watch in my bag, entered card details via chrome auto fill and it advised me the website was down for maintenance, 3 times. On the 4th attempt the watch was sold out. I do not own any fancy watches and I wouldn’t plan on selling this for an absurd profit. I just wanted a nice watch to start a collection 🙁

  7. I had the same checkout horror. In the basket twice and card details entered including credit card authentication completed. I see people now flipping them on eBay and asking for £1000+!


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