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The New Citizen Series 8 of Automatic Sports Watches

Angular, sporty and back to mechanical movements, for the relaunched Series 8.

| By Brice Goulard | 5 min read |

Last week Citizen launched something truly impressive and clearly outside of its usual comfort zone. We knew the brand was capable of upping its game when it comes to accuracy and thinness, with the Eco-Drive Caliber 0100 and its impressive precision of +/- 1 second per year. But with the “The Citizen”, the brand is back to mechanical, and nice mechanics indeed. This wasn’t the only launch of this month though, as the brand also has a full collection of Series 8 models, the relaunch of a line that was only JDM since 2008. So here’s the new Citizen Series 8, with three different takes on the automatic sports watch. 

Launched about 12 years ago, and for a long time only reserved to the Japanese market, the Citizen Series 8 was and still is the brand’s take on the modern, daily-oriented sports watch. This year, the brand has decided to give this collection some fresh air, by presenting three different, mechanical-only takes on the concept, with the 870, 830 and 831, and are meant to be available worldwide. Indeed, that’s a rather large bunch of good news in a single sentence!

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The whole idea with this collection is, a bit like the higher-end The Citizen, to propose daily-oriented, modern sports watches that answer the current demand for timepieces with a sporty-chic look – understand that there are shaped cases and stainless steel bracelets that are well integrated within the overall design… The new watches from the Citizen Series 8 are said to be “functional and practical” with “a modern and sporty look.” This is especially true with the brand’s new focus on magnetic-resistance, provided by the new Caliber 0950 and Caliber 9051, which will protect watches against aggressions from today’s digital society – magnetism is one of the most common issues in after-sale service.

All the watches, whether the 870, 830 or 831 (the last two being visually identical, dials apart) come with contemporary case designs, with sharp facets, a combination of brushed and polished surfaces and a mix of round bezel and angular central cases. In the same vein, apart from one of the 6 watches presented, all are equipped with well-integrated stainless steel bracelets, for a continuous, homogeneous design.

Citizen Series 8 870 Mechanical

The first of the 3 models presented is the sleekest of the lot, a watch with a relative softness in the design – understand here that it is less sharp and angular than the rest. This 870 Mechanical is the top-of-the-range model for the Citizen 8 Series and sets apart with its two-piece bezel, which is partially coated in black on the black dial edition. There’s a clear luxury sports watch feeling in this model, however with a strong and personal identity too. The case measures 40mm x 10.9mm. It is available only on an H-shaped stainless steel bracelet, with white or black dial. Both editions feature applied indexes, framed date window, large luminous hands and glossy dials that, paired with the case’s facets, play with the light. These are water-resistant to 100 metres.

Inside the case of the Citizen Series 8 870 Mechanical is the new Caliber 0950, an automatic movement with 4Hz frequency, 50-hour power reserve and a claimed accuracy of -5/+10 seconds a day. The movement has been designed to be thinner than usual for the brand, at 4.1mm. Citizen indicates strong magnetic-resistance, however, doesn’t indicate the level of this  resistance – expect saying “fields generated by smartphones, tablets, and other devices that can affect the accuracy of the watch.”

The Citizen Series 8 870 Mechanical (ref. NA1004-87E in black and ref. NA1000-88A) will be available this Autumn, at a price of USD 2,000.

Citizen Series 8 830 Mechanical

In addition to the watch above, the Citizen Series 8 also comprises another model with the same Calibre 0950, yet this time with a completely different design, sportier and more decorated. While the case still measures 40mm in diameter, with a 100m water-resistance, it is slightly higher at 11.7mm, due to the complex octagonal architecture of the case and the multi-alyer dial too. Indeed, this Series 8 830 Mechanical shows a more faceted case, with sharper edges and a highly protected crown. Also, the bracelet has a different design. But the most striking element is the dial, built with multiple layers for a 3D effect. 3 layers are used – a metal dial on the bottom, a mother-of-pearl layer in the middle, and a metal lattice with index markers on the top.

The 830 Mechanical is available in two different tastes. One has a classic non-coated stainless steel case with silver-coloured markers and hands (ref. NA1010-84X), priced at USD 1,800. The second watch shows a dark grey coated steel case with gold-coloured indexes and hands (ref. NA1015-81Z), priced at USD 1,900. These will be available this Autumn.

Citizen Series 8 831 Mechanical

Last but not least, the Citizen Series 8 also comprises a slightly simpler and more affordable model, the 831 Mechanical. At first, it appears as an understated version of the 830, with a more traditional dial. Well, this is true but not entirely. Indeed, the overall case shape is identical and so is the bracelet, however, the case is only 10.0mm in height, due to the simpler architecture of the dial and to a different movement, the caliber 9051, a 4Hz automatic engine with 42h power reserve and accuracy rated for -10/+20 seconds a day. Like the rest of the collection, these watches are equipped with a sapphire crystal and are 100m water-resistant.

This new member of the Citizen Series 8 is available in two different tastes, one with a classic steel-on-steel look and a black dial (ref. NB6010-81E) and one with a blue dial, a blue leather strap and a case coated in gold colour (ref. NB6012-18L). Both will be available this Autumn and will be priced at USD 1,200.

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