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The AstroLUNA by Indie Watchmaker Vicenterra

New micromechanical poetry emerging from the imagination of Vincent Plomb.

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
Vicenterra AstroLUNA

Although Vicenterra is not a new name on the indie watchmaking scene, it remains a discreet one. Behind this brand is Vincent Plomb, a watchmaker with a clear astronomical bias who has always offered his watches under subscription campaigns; a concept invented more than 200 years ago by Abraham-Louis Breguet with his Souscription watches. Despite Vincent Plomb’s discreet profile, he is a well-established figure for a highly seasoned community of watch lovers, and his creations are miles away from Earth. The new AstroLUNA turns its gaze again towards the cosmos and focuses on the Moon. With the Vicenterra AstroLUNA, the independent watchmaker presents a piece of micromechanical poetry with a 3D moon (a signature element) that will only need a one-day correction every 126 years.

Vicenterra AstroLUNA

The story of Vicenterra started more than 10 years ago when Vincent Plomb presented his first watch, the GMT-3. The 3D planets used to create the display would become the brand’s hallmark. Since then, Plomb has created many watches marked by an off-centred display balancing the presence of 3D satellites and planets, micromechanical creations that have a lunar, slightly magical poetry.

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Plomb’s latest creation is the Vicenterra AstroLUNA. With its unique shape and display, the watch adds the beauty of the Moon to the celestial scenery. Seeing the Earth from above, with a 3D representation of our planet, has been Vicenterra’s signature feature since its founding in 2010. For this new watch, both the Earth and the Moon can be admired as they turn in time to their independent rhythms.

Vicenterra AstroLUNA

Let’s talk about this display. The timekeeping functions of the Vicenterra AstroLUNA are displayed against a dark blue aventurine glass dial. Slightly off-centred from the 12 o’clock position, the hours, minutes, seconds and date are displayed on the shimmering aventurine glass background. More importantly, the lower section of the dial is devoted to the two astronomical complications. The Earth, the brand’s distinctive complication, is represented with a 3D globe, hand-painted by a miniaturist with deep blue areas for the oceans and lighter surfaces for the continents. On top of it is a small solid gold sun representing its zenith and 6 AM and 6 PM sapphire markers. Since the globe rotates on its own axis, you can locate the places on Earth where it is night, where it is noon, and when it is 6 o’clock (AM and PM) at a glance, converting it into a realistic day-night indicator.

Vicenterra AstroLUNA

The 3D rotating sphere representing the Moon is located at 7 o’clock. Rendered with extraordinary realism, it is covered with mini craters painted by the same miniaturist artist. At night, the illuminated face of the Moon shines thanks to a Super-LumiNova undercoat. The sphere performs one revolution in 29.53125 days, meaning that it’ll need to be corrected by one day every 126 years only.

Vicenterra AstroLUNA

The Vicenterra AstroLUNA will be available in a classic 41.50mm case with a traditional shape and a 43.50mm case with a more elaborate profile. Both are executed in grade 5 titanium with polished and satin-finished surfaces. The crown is located at 2 o’clock, and the watch is water-resistant to 50m. It is worn on a blue calf leather strap – alligator optional – with a titanium and steel folding buckle.

Powering the watch is an automatic base movement supplied by high-end manufacturer Vaucher. Used for the traditional display (HMS and date) and to power the complication, this movement is visible through the sapphire caseback and reveals refined decorative flourishes. It is framed by an aventurine glass module with cut-outs for the two 3D globes. These two indications are powered by an in-house developed module created by Vincent Plomb. All the parts are meticulously finished with bevelled angles, graining, colimaçonnage and more techniques.

Vicenterra AstroLUNA

The Vicenterra AstroLUNA will be produced in 99 pieces. The watch is now available through a subscription campaign with a price of CHF 13,500 (excl. taxes). In addition, a deposit of CHF 3,000 will be required upon pre-order. Also, a solid 18k yellow gold rotor for every watch ordered before 30 June 2021 will be added.

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