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VicenTerra GMT-3 close to production

| By Frank Geelen | 3 min read |

Last August I wrote about ViceTerra Watch & Co and their GMT-3. Short before the minimal number of subscribers are reached and production can start I interviewed Vincent Plomb, the man behind this remarkable start-up in the watch industry.

When I first saw drawings of the GMT-3 I was so amazed I wanted to learn more about this watch and of course share this. In August I wrote about the VicenTerra GMT-3. Especially the rotating spherical earth, a complication I’ve never seen on any watch before, caught my attention. However when reading more my amazement grew, because the way Vincent Plomb starts his own watch company is also very extraordinary. Here’s  new picture of the GMT-3 followed by the interview.

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Monochrome: Can you still remember when you became interested in watches? When was that?

Vincent Plomb: I’ve been interested in watches for a longer time already, however in 2005 I started to become seriously interested in watches.

Monochrome: What is your education and for which companies (in the watch industry) did you work?

Vincent Plomb: After finishing the school of watchmaking and micro technology in Porrentruy I had several jobs. From 1999 until 2003 I worked as a designer/constructor for a company that manufactured watchcases. In 2003 I started for myself as an independent designer/constructor and I’ve worked for a number of clients since the last seven years.

Monochrome: When did you first start thinking about making your own watch?

Vincent Plomb: It was in 2005, so around 5 years ago. I started to become really interested in watches and started thinking about creating my own watch. Since than I’ve worked on my ideas and I designed five different models.

Monochrome: How did you get the idea to start your own watch this way, with a subscription?

Vincent Plomb: At first it was ideas, patent applications, market research, etc. This does not give anything concrete. The crisis has not really helped, to put it mildly. The first project (SR1), which is the precursor of the GMT-3, was too expensive for this moment. That’s why I wanted to start with a cheaper model, the GMT-3.

After the GMT-3 I have planned four more models, which are named SR-1, GMT-3.1, GMT-2 and GMT-2.1. The first model, the SR-1, will make much more clear about the different models and will give credibility to the GMT-3 project. Once the VicenTerra Watch & Co is officially launched and the GMT-3 is produced, this model will be presented to the press.

Monochrome: Who designed the VicenTerra GMT-3?

Vincent Plomb: I started with the rough design and the final design was done in collaboration with a professional design office in Biel.

Monochrome: When will the VicenTerra GMT-3 be officially launched?

Vincent Plomb: I hope soon! To start the production I need 70 subscribers. At this moment I need 3 more subscribers, so we are very close!

The subscribers will be offered the GMT-3 for only CHF 5,000 which is 1/3 of the final price! Check out the VicenTerra Facebook page to read the latest news and learn more about how to subscribe for this interesting project!

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  1. Vincent is close to do it. And that’s a real big deal.
    Congrats to him and big thumbs up.

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