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Introducing the VicenTerra Luna

| By Frank Geelen | 3 min read |
VicenTerra Luna

Some three years ago we first introduced you to VicenTerra, a new watch brand that launched their first timepiece, the VicenTerra GMT-3, via pre-registering. All GMT-3’s of the pre-registration, which were sold for 1/3th of the normal retail price, have been delivered and we’ve seen some photos of happy new owners on the web. Now VicenTerra have opened a new pre-registration for their second timepiece, the VicenTerra Luna.

The pre-registration is actually a Kickstarter-like method and this has proven to be a successful formula for VicenTerra. Developing your own complications requires a serious budget. The fact that Vincent Plomb, the founder of VicenTerra, is a constructor and develops the complication modules himself, definitely cuts a large part of the costs. However starting the production still requires funds and through the registration you can secure one of the limited edition: red gold, yellow gold, white gold or stainless steel.

VicenTerra Luna

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The GMT-3, which was introduced 3 years ago, featured a spherical globe that could be observed not only from the front, but also through an aperture in the side of the case. The new VicenTerra Luna offers not “just” a spherical Earth, but also a spherical moon, hence the name Terra. The entire dial of the new Luna is cleaner, more classic, and features besides the spherical Earth and moon,  a date and a day/night indication.

VicenTerra didn’t chose the easy way and designed and developed their own modules and case. The only “generic” components are the strap, some screws and the movement. However calling the movement that is used in the VicenTerra Luna “generic” feels a bit like blasphemy. That is because VicenTerra chose a Vaucher movement for their second timepiece. For those who never heard of Vaucher… this company makes the movements for most Parmigiani timepieces and for many Richard Mille timepieces!

The Vaucher movement powers the two spherical globes and the day/night indicator, which are all positioned “outside” the movement’s perimeter. The image below shows the positioning of the two spheres, which rotate around one axis. To the left side is the spherical moon phase indication, to the right is the spherical Earth that rotates once every 24 hours.

VicenTerra Luna

To raise enough funds to start production, VicenTerra hopes to get enough people who want to register for a Luna. The stainless steel version starts at € 13.500 Euro and the gold versions (pink gold, yellow gold and white gold, each clor is limited to 14 pieces) starts at € 21.450 Euro (before tax). The stainless steel version of this pre-registration series is limited to 99 pieces.

Shortly before the start of production of the GMT-3, we spoke with Vincent Plomb, who is the founder of VicenTerra (click here to read the interview). We wish the good folks of VicenTerra good luck. This is a magnificent “Kickstarter-like” way to start a watch company and we fully support what they are doing. If you’re interested in buying the new Luna (or the older GMT-3), visit the VicenTerra website here to view all details and download a registration form.

VicenTerra Luna

Some specifications:

  • Case: stainless steel (limited to 99 pieces), red gold, yellow gold or white gold (each color limited to 14 pieces), 43.5 mm diameter, 13.6 mm thickness, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inside
  • Movement: Vaucher caliber VMF3002, 2 main spring barrels in parallel, 42 hours of power reserve, 28,800 vph (4Hz), module developed by VicenTerra, total number of jewels 45 of which 17 for the module
  • Functions: central hours, minutes and seconds, spherical moon phase indication, spherical earth, day/night indication, date
  • Strap: hand-sewn alligator strap with single folding clasp in the same metal as the case

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