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GIVE AWAY: Win an Ophion OPH-960 wrist watch!

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

We’ve just closed the Meistersinger desk clock sweepstake and it’s time for your the next sweepstake. This is our way to celebrate our 10th anniversary and we’ll make sure to share the fun with you. From today until the 19th of March, you will have the chance to win an Ophion wrist watch. Remember the start-up watch brand from Spain, who’s watches are build in Germany? Our managing editor Brice reviewed their first timepiece, the Ophion OPH-960, and he loves the vintage-inspired design and the ‘horological content’. You want to read up on the watch you can win – click here for the Ophion OPH-960 review – or immediately fill out the form below, hit the submit button and… wait a few weeks. Entering this sweepstake will end during the Baselworld watch fair, on Saturday 19th of May 2016. 

By entering the sweepstake you will be automatically subscribed to our newsletter (one of the requirements) and we kindly ask you to leave your name, email and help us understand what you like about Monochrome, and what you would like to see more! Here’s some more photos of the actual timepiece (grey dial) that you can win!

This is the Ophion OPH-960 wrist watch with a 5-days manual wind movement, which features very nice designed and finished bridges. The classic inspired design looks great, and breathes a fifties/sixties style. With a size of 42mm the OPH-960 has a contemporary size for a dress watch. Here’s Brice’s conclusion of the review he did last year:

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You know us here, at Monochrome-Watches. We love high-end watchmaking, hand-finishing, creativity and new brands. However, we tend to keep quiet when it comes to new entrants, as their concepts are often mainly focused on design and tend to be powered by simple mechanical movements (or worse: with quartz movements). There’s nothing wrong in this (to each his own) but that’s not what we want to share with you. Call us posh or narrow-minded if you want, but we prefer watches with an interesting movement.


The Ophion OPH-960 has surprised us – in a good way! The idea of an elegant, understated watch with a movement well designed and well finished attracted us. The concept became even clearer when Miguel explained the reasons behind it. Bringing to average collectors a portion of the pleasure of ultra-high-end watches with an affordable price is something that really is an attractive proposition. …..  Ophion watches are somewhat “egoistic”, with a design that, quite frankly, doesn’t disclose much about the horological pleasure that is hidden behind the dial and reserved for the wearer to appreciate. This concept is rather appealing – especially at 1.580 Euros (including taxes).

During the Baselworld watch show we’ll ask the Ophion team to draw the winner!

Here are the question…

Thanks for entering the sweepstake and good luck! We’ll keep everyone posted when the sweepstake closes, on Saturday 19th of March.

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