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GIVE AWAY – MCT Watches Leather Watch Roll (and there are 4 of them…)

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |
MCT Watches Leather Watch Roll

As of now, you should know that we are celebrating this year our 10th anniversary. For this reason, we are organising several give aways. After our latest contest, where you had the opportunity to win a Garrick Leather Watch Pouch, this week we have a new one for you, and not just for one of the participants, but 4 of you will have the opportunity to win a very cool MCT Watches leather watch pouch. MCT Watches is one of the interesting actors of the “indie” watchmakers scene, and this is why we also want your opinion about this rather special watchmaking universe.

MCT Watches Leather Watch Roll

MCT Watches, or Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps, has been founded in 2007 by Denis Giguet. From the very beginning, the goal was to manufacture watches with a unique, bold and highly creative way to display the time. Forget about the 3 hands running over a round dial. At MCT, time telling is different… but different doesn’t mean impossible to read. The base concept was built around four modules displaying the hours by means of five triangular prisms, which pivot to reveal the time, and a central minute disc turning successively 90° counterclockwise each hour to display the time. While very impressive to look at, this also meant to have an incredibly complex movement behind it, of course in-house developed and manufactured by MCT.

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MCT Sequential One S110 Baselworld 2015 - 6

MCT has since developed several watches, including the square Sequential One or the round Sequential Two. And whatever how complex these watches are on a mechanical side, they remain creative, extremely impressive and finally, easy to read – and that’s something we, at Monochrome, cherish. It is something to create a complex and unusual display, however, we must not forget the main objective of a watch: displaying the time. MCT succeeded here.

This is the main reason why today, alongside the opportunity for 4 of you to win a MCT Leather Watch Roll, we’d like you answer a few questions about other ways to display the time. Do you like it? Would you buy such a watch? Should we cover them more and explain more in details how it works? A few question to register and these watch rolls could be yours.

Registering for the sweepstake ended!

6 responses

  1. Wow i love this kind of give away !
    Monochrome its fantastic place……hope more and more readers joing us on this place !

    Talking about the MCT brand im really in love with them……I use to know Denis very well so I been also in their atelier often and i know story very deep……Without indies this kind of telling the time Wouldn’t be possible…… they have to push boundries forward !

    Thank you very much guys……for everything…….

    Have a nice weekend everyone..



  2. Price points are very important and should be part of your reporting.

  3. I think non-round watches are underrated and typically fly under the radar. The trick with skeleton watches is always readability in all lighting situations. Although, as a WIS, checking the time is secondary to enjoying the presence of my watch on my wrist.

  4. Really great to read on watches like this, or ressence, mb&f, the more original expression of showing time the better !

  5. These guys are doing something really different and we should celebrate that as there’s no rule that says time keeping needs to always use a round dial. Considering the price of their watches, I don’t think I could ever afford one. As a watch enthusiast however, it’s always entertaining to learn more about the different brands and watches out there, especially brands that produce a low number of watches.

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