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The Double Identity of the Doxa SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl

Carbon case, monochromatic look and a surprise at night!

| By Brice Goulard | 5 min read |
Doxa SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl

Looking at Doxa’s past and current collection, if there were one watch to summarise the brand, that would be, without a doubt, the SUB 300. In short, an emblematic model, an important piece of the history of the dive watch and a timepiece that truly defined the brand over the years and still does today. Yet, Doxa couldn’t rely on a single model and had to evolve. Hence why, a couple of years ago, it released a surprisingly modern and technical take, the SUB 300 Carbon – which has since been on top of our list of preferred Doxa watches. Offered in a variety of colours, it now comes in a version that is far less striking – but only at first sight. A typical “Harvey Two-Face” watch that reveals its true nature at night. Let’s have a closer look at the new Doxa SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl.

Doxa SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl

Having a watch as iconic as the SUB 300 in your collection can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it’s the watch that has made your company successful and widely known across a community of enthusiasts. On the other hand, it’s hard to move away from such an emblematic watch and offer something new. So was the situation of Doxa, which was mostly known for its SUB-inspired and derived watches. For a few years now, Doxa has operated a restructuring of the collections by offering its emblematic model, the steel SUB 300, as part of the permanent collection and in all possible colours. It also brought entirely new models, such as the accessible SUB 200 or the bold SUB 600T.

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Another significant move was the introduction of a watch that drastically modernised the concept of the SUB 300 while remaining true to the roots of the brand. How? By keeping the original design alive but by making a watch in a genuinely contemporary and bold material: forged carbon. First released with a limited edition model, the Aqua Lung Sharkhunter, it was followed in 2021 by an entire sub-collection of carbon models available in the six classic Doxa colours – orange, yellow, blue, turquoise, black and silver. The Doxa SUB 300 Carbon is a fascinating watch, combining the classic look of a Doxa, a relatively accessible price (given the material), true diving capacities (as demonstrated by our resident diver Derek), superior comfort, and subjectively, an absolutely cool look!

Doxa SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl

Doxa has long been about flashy colours. The Professional orange dial is sort of a signature of the brand, and the same goes for the Divingstar yellow or Aquamarine turquoise versions. In all fairness, these colours are a mandatory thing for me when speaking Doxa. This is how they should be, or at least, this is how I imagine a Doxa should be. Not that the Caribbean navy blue, Sharkhunter black or Searambler silver aren’t attractive, but these are classic colours that make less of an impact. So, with this in mind, what about a white dial Doxa, a colour that was introduced in 2021 on the SUB 200 Whitepearl, as the brand’s seventh official colour?

This year, the brand extends its entire range of models with Whitepearl editions, a colour that is now available on the Steel SUB 300, the SUB 600T but also the more modern, more robust SUB 300T and SUB 1500T. Surely, these are appealing models, and they will undoubtedly find their place among the rest of the collection. But, there’s another white dial model that has been released, one that genuinely has something extra, and that is the Doxa SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl.

Doxa SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl

See, at first sight, it looks somewhat identical to others, just different because its case is forged carbon. But wait; there’s more to see. What you need to know about the watch is already well known and has been explained in detail in this extensive review. This model is primarily noticeable due to its forged carbon case. It is made of small pieces of carbon fibre composite material that are pressed into shape as the resin cures and is a different process from classic carbon fibre made from continuous layers that are applied one at a time. The result is a watch with uneven black colour and texture, and of course, one that is ultra-light on the wrist.

Doxa SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl

So, the 42.50mm x 13.40mm case, with a relatively compact 45mm lug-to-lug measurement, is made of forged carbon, and so is the emblematic bezel with 60-minute and no-decompression scales. For obvious reasons, carbon is mainly used for external parts, and the watch relies on a titanium internal container, caseback and crown. On top is a highly domed sapphire crystal, and the watch is water-resistant to 300m. And carbon doesn’t change anything to the diving credentials of the SUB 300.

Doxa SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl

This SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl is offered either on a white or black rubber strap – the latter making for a more classic look while the white strap you can see here is bold, fresh and makes for a cool summer watch. It is closed by a PVD coated folding clasp with a ratcheting diving extension (also practical on hot days as a comfort release). Inside is a tried-and-tested ETA automatic movement, which has been chronometer-certified by COSC.

Doxa SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl

The most important update concerning the Doxa SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl is the dial. As you can see, it’s all about B&W, with a matte white background and black hands and tracks. No colour, only monochromatic tones. In that perspective, it’s entirely identical to the other models in this Whitepearl range. But that’s until dusk comes. Because the SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl isn’t like the other models. In fact, its dial is entirely covered in Super-LumiNova and shines bright in the dark. I know it’s a bit of a gimmick, but really it still gives a smile when the light goes down, and it could also be pretty efficient when diving.

Availability & price

The Doxa SUB 300 Carbon Whitepearl is released as part of the permanent collection. It can now be pre-ordered on the brand’s website, with deliveries expected in mid-May 2022. It is priced at EUR 3,890. For more details and online orders, please visit

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