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CONFIGURATE | SHARE | WIN – Win Your Personalized Armin Strom Watch With the Online Configurator

| By Brice Goulard | 4 min read |
Armin Strom Watch Configurator

Recently, we reported to you a achievement that we, at Monochrome, think will be the next level of watchmaking, the Armin Strom Watch Configurator. As we told you, there’s no way that industry can still rely on old-fashioned production and selling channels. The next step is named “customization” and Armin Strom is the first to come with a proper achieved idea, an exhaustive Watch Configurator – where every aspect of the watch and the movement can be configured. Well, apart from this, there’s something extremely cool that we wanted to share: the possibility to win your personalized Armin Strom watch by sharing your configurated watch on Instagram in a creative way… Sounds interesting, right?

Watchmaking 2.0 – the Armin Strom Watch Configurator

Consumer behaviors are in constant evolution these days: online shopping, social media and personalization rule the world. Luxury makes no exception to the rule, and if fashion and accessory brands have understood that for now quite a while, it seems that watchmaking is slow in changing the usual “boutique experience”. This way to deal with collectors is good, but only for specific categories. Younger collectors and new-comers want a different experience, and they want more than just the watch you can see in a display window. One brand however breaks the codes and implements on the high-end watches market something that the car industry is using for over a decade: an online configurator.

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Armin Strom Watch Configurator

The idea is simple… Why would you want to have the same watch as your neighbor? Why can’t you express yourself through a unique, personalized watch? With the Armin Strom Watch Configurator, you can now do so. Imagine your watch, create it on the online configurator, order it… And be sure to have your own, unique timepiece. You become the designer of your own watch. Isn’t it what we all dreamed about?… The best is that watches purchased through the Watch Configurator system are no more expensive than serial models made by Armin Strom.

Armin Strom Watch Configurator

This configurator is not just about a strap color or a dial finish. It actually covers every single element of the watch AND of the movement:

  • A choice of 6 different watches, covering all the Armin Strom collections: The Edge Double Barrel – The Gravity – The Gravity Date – The Manual – The Skeleton Pure – The Skeleton Tourbillon
  • Once you have selected a watch, several options are offered (depending on the watch selected of course)
    • Case shape – Several options are possible, including the standard 43mm case, a more rounded case, and the case of the Edge (with brushed and notched bezel)
    • Case material – options include stainless steel, stainless steel with black pad horns, titanium, black PVD stainless steel, Rose gold, Rose gold with Black PVD horns, White gold
    • Dial – the hour ring can be customized, with a choice of color or material (plain or sapphire), the choice of indexes, the color of the log
    • Hands – hands can be selected rhodium plated or rose gold plated
    • Movement’s main-plate – you can choose the coating of the main plate (rhodium, ruthenium, black, blue, violet, brown, light blue)
    • Bridges – one skeletonized watches, the bridges on the dial side can also be selected in several colors (rhodium, ruthenium, black, blue, violet, brown, light blue)
    • Shape of the wheels – 6 rounded spokes or 5 double “rim-like” spokes
    • Color of the gear-train and barrel – you can choose the coating on the barrel and the gear train (rhodium, yellow gold, rose gold)
    • Initials – as always with Armin Strom Watches, you can have your initials engraved on the “lip” at 6
    • Strap color
    • Strap stitchings

The Configurator is now online at Above some examples of confugurated watches.


Win your personalized Armin Strom watch by sharing your configurated watch in a creative way. Follow @arminstrom and use #designarminstrom on Instagram for your post. To do so, configure your personal watch: and then share it on your own Instagram account. Winners will be selected by a Jury (from the most popular visuals of the competition) on May 16, 2017.

3 Armin Strom configurator credit packages waiting for you:

  • 1 – Credit package of CHF 15,000.00
  • 2 – Credit package of CHF 7,500.00
  • 3 – Credit package of CHF 5,000.00

The credits can be used as cash to configurate an Armin Strom watch. If the configurated timepiece exceeds the value of the credit the difference has to be paid. No participant will be drawn more than once. The winners of the competition will be informed through their Instagram accounts. Credit pack can not be converted in to cash. It can be given to another person. Not used credits will expire.

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  1. Maybe Ochs and Junior were first in bespoke watches…? apart from Patek Philippe special order of course 😉
    But it is a great idea and more brands should follow i think.

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