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Bremont Watches, go see them!

| By Frank Geelen | 3 min read |

Bremont Watches is a relatively new watch brand from the UK. Yes indeed, a British watch brand. And it’s a very interesting brand.

Last year a friend told me about a new and very nice watch brand. After looking at some photos of their watches, i was interested but could not fully relate to his immense enthusiasm. The photos showed nice ‘aviation’ watches, more or less like the IWC pilot series. He said… you gotto see them ‘in the metal’, than you’ll understand.

Bremont ALT1-Z/DG

At Baselworld this year i had the chance to meet both men behind Bremont Watches and see the entire collection. And now i could fully relate to my friend’s immense enthusiasm! The finish, the details… impressive, yet all so subtle. Very British in fact…

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Nick and Giles English started the Bremont Watch Company in 2004 and after 3 years of R&D, their first watches where introduced to the British market in 2007. They where very successfully because the two brothers received the Walpole Award for best emerging British luxury brand in 2008.

Bremont Supermarine S500/BK-GN

Every Bremont watch leaving the Swiss workshop is a certified chronometer. Nick and Giles want their watches to last for generations, so every movement is reworked and modified. Maybe this sounds like a typical commercial talk, however you should know all Bremont watches are made from specially hardened steel taking the case up to 2000 vickers in hardness. This is more than 10 times tougher than normal 316L stainless steel used by virtually every other watch brand.

Bremont ALT1-C/CR

At Baselworld Nick English told me about the passion he and his brother have for flying historic aircrafts. It’s in their blood from a very young age. And in a strange way it has led to the name of their watch brand… but that’s another story. It’s no coincidence that Bremont watches are aviation watches, which are designed and conceived by pilots for pilots and (of course) tested by pilots.

The timepieces had to be tested beyond any normal call of duty (and not just in the workshop), and of course be immensely precise and durable. Do take a look at the Bremont website (click on “Bremont people”) to get an idea about how Bremont Watches are tested… this is impressive and fun to read about.

Bremont Supermarine

Since last week, Bremont Watches are available in the Netherlands. Horloge Platform Nederland is the first Bremont retailer in main land Europe. This is great new for watch enthusiasts, who would like to get a closer look at the collection. In the following weeks i’ll write about the Bremont Supermarine and the Classic chronograph.

All about Bremont Watches in the Netherlands can be found at the website. The best advice i can give you, is the advice my friend gave me… go see them ‘in the metal’.

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  1. Interesting post, I am from the UK and I have not seen these watches for sale anywhere, however, I just looked on their site and there is one retailer in a city near me so I will probably pay them a visit!

    I have to say from the pictures I have seen they are not really to my taste, but, it would be nice to own a British watch (being British myself) and as you seem so impressed with them “in the metal” I will be sure to take a look.

    I see that Torneau are their US partner, I got my first Breitling from their New York store, that was an experience. The “cheap” brands, such as Breitling, Rolex, Omega were on the ground floor, with the expensive watches on the floor above!

    Guess rent in the Trump building is expensive!


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