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Back from Basel

| By Frank Geelen | 3 min read |

I just got back from Basel where Robert-Jan (Fratellowatches) and i visited Baselworld. The watches and juwelry show was totally overwhelming! Last friday, saturday and today (sunday) i’ve seen a LOT of watches, met a lot of nice and interesting people and talked to some of the most famous watchmakers alive. Mindblowing…

During the coming week i will do my best to select the best photos and make some stories of all the meetings with watchmakers and brands. So for now i will post some quick and dirty wristshots of some of the most beautiful watches i’ve seen. Omega’s presentation for the 40th anniversary of the Omega Speedmaster Professional was really something. The new Speedmaster Apollo 11 was launched by the astronauts who wore the Speedmaster Professional on the moon! Buzz Aldrin, Charles Duke, Harrison Schmitt and Eugene Cernan where all present at the presentation and panel discussion about flying to the moon (again).

But for starters i’d love to share this photo of two grand masters of watchmaking… Roger Dubuis and Daniel Roth. I felt humbled in the presence of these two men. Later i talked to Peter Speake-Marin and asked how he experienced working together with mr. Dubuis and mr. Roth for Maitre du Temps and he said it was surreal. I guess that perfectly describes my feeling when i met these watchmakers i’ve admired for such a long time. Later i will write more about Maitre du Temps chapter II and Speake-Marin’s new MARIN-1 and the new in-house movement SM2.

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Maitre du Temps - Roger Dubuis and Daniel Roth
Maitre du Temps – Roger Dubuis and Daniel Roth

Among others i met with Aphrodite from Linde Werdelin and saw the very limited Linde Werdelin Spidolite that made a huge impression on me. I can easily say i fell in love with this watch. Later more about the new 3-Timer, Oktopus, The One, of course, the SpidoLite from Linde Werdelin. Here a quick wristshot of the SpidoLite 🙂

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite
Linde Werdelin SpidoLite

Later also more about Peter Speake-Marin‘s MARIN-1 and his new in-house movement SM2. You might find it hard to believe, but the The MARIN-1 is made from titanium! Here’s already a wristshot of this beautiful bold and classic watch…. that weights almost nothing 🙂

Speake-Marin MARIN-1 with SM2 movement
Speake-Marin MARIN-1 with SM2 movement

I really enjoyed the presentation of Glashütte-Original’s new managing director, Thomas Meier. He gave the most funny presentation i’ve seen and showed the impressive new watches of Glashütte-Original. The new Senator Chronometer was the absolute highlight, both technical and functional. The Senator Chronometer sets a new limit… but more about that later. Here’s a wristshot of this classic beauty.

Glashütte-Original Senator Chronometer
Glashütte-Original Senator Chronometer

And although there’s much, much more to come i want to share this wristshot of the Sarpaneva K2 in steel with you. I didn’t have time to take photos of more of his watches, unfortunately, but i will post more about my conversation with Stepan Sarpaneva later.

Sarpaneva K2 in steel
Sarpaneva K2 in steel

Soon you can read the extended stories about the trip Robert-Jan and I made to Baselworld!! On our own blogs we will post about the trip, the meetings, the highlights and of course some personal notes.

7 responses

  1. Awesome Frank! Great wrist shots. Wow those watches look great. Looks and sounds like you had an INCREDIBLE time in Basel! I’m sure you only have a thousand or so pictures to sort through, eh? I am excited to see and learn more of your amazing trip.

  2. Thanx Kyle 🙂
    Tonight i’ll start processing the enormous amount of information. During Baselworld it was simply not possible without missing 50% of the meetings. I sincerely hope you can be present next year, as i’m sure you would have LOVED this. The most important lesson learned… get a good hotel in time! We hardly slept because of the noisy other guests.

  3. I am looking forward to reading more Frank.
    That ‘Sarp’ looks great on your wrist; certainly not too large.

  4. What an overwhelming happening, wasn’t it? All the watches, all the people, all the meetings. So much informatation, and only so little time…

    It was nice to meet up with RJ and yourself at the fair; the beers, lunches and dinners we had were very inspiring 😉

    I’m still filtering and am very curious which highlights will survive in the end. I will post on when I know…



    ps. RJ is right; Get the SARP!

  5. I met Harrison Schmitt at Cape Kenedy a couple of years ago, and he was wearing an Omega then. He could describe what it was like to go to the moon so well that you could really picture it. My favourite watch at the show was the Alpina 12 Hours of Sebring GMT featured in the guide. Shame they are only making 158 of them, as this has pushed up the price !

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