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Applied Sciences: Kairos SmartWatches

| By Robin Nooy | 3 min read |

Over the past few weeks a recurring topic here at Monochrome-Watches has been smart technology watches, and we are not done talking about them yet. After the Smart-Buckle, the Smart-Watchwinder and Smart-GPS-Technology being integrated in a mechanical watch, we continue to look for the right mixture. We might have found something that can cater to the desires of MECHANICAL watch aficionados throughout: Kairos SmartWatches.

New and innovative concepts, each in its own right ‘SMART’ seem to flood the market these days. Admittedly we are tough customers; we want the best of mechanical watches and the very best of digital technology. Thanks to teams of creative minds and hoards of crowd funding initiatives there have been a lot of introductions of SmartWatches, even from highly reputed brands, but we still feel we haven’t found the right blend.

The first glimmer of the ‘SMART’ evolution goes back a couple of years, with initiatives like the Slyde-Watch. A digital representation of a mechanical watch with functions like a virtual tourbillon, touchscreen activated chronograph and the option of storing pictures and sharing them with friends (gasp!) So what has happened since? Where are we now in terms of SmartWatches? New to the market, Kairos, offers their interpretation of a SmartWatch by seemingly integrating the best of both worlds in a modern styled case. A mechanical movement together with a ‘SMART’ module, in a 46mm steel case, might be something worth looking at.

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A Swiss automatic movement from Soprod or a Japanese Miyota, depending on the model, provides the mechanical energy required to power the timekeeping bits and pieces. The second “movement” is an Android operating system powered by a processor. Bluetooth links the watch to your mobile device and allows you to receive a multitude of notifications ON THE CRYSTAL, keeping you informed about stuff that matters.

The concept of the Kairos watches looks well thought-out, with touch sensor and gesture recognition. The options to remotely answer your phone, take a picture, operate your tablet and more really add to the usability of the piece in general. Perhaps the greatest plus of the Kairos is that without a notification displayed, it is just a mechanical watch, carefully selected for reasons only the owner can vouch for.

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Children of the Revolution:

Could this merger of technologies, as well as the implemented GPS-technology of the VCXO be a step in the direction we want? Can we envision, let’s just pick one, Laurent Ferrier to offer a ‘SMART ‘Galet with micro-rotor and micro–processer in the future? It seems unlikely, but it feels a little too familiar. We might experience a little deja-vu of the quartz-revolution. Based on the number of new brands we see popping-up, ready to take SmartWatches to the next level, I’d say that the revolution has begun!

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If the Kairos MSW115 (Miyota) or SSW185 (Soprod) is right up your alley, and you feel the added utility is something you cannot live without, do hurry! The pre-order stage is almost over, ending on july 1st of this year, but it will bring you a 50-60% discount. Prices during pre-order for the Kairos MSW 115 in steel is $ 499,- and $ 649,- for the gold or black version. The SSW 158 is $ 989,- in steel or $ 1.199,- for gold or black.

More info can be found on or on their Facebook-page.

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