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Your Last Chance to Win the 10 Final Tickets to “The Watchmakers Club” Summer Event in London

A unique chance to get to see 18 cool watch brands in a comfy, warm atmosphere!

| By Tom Mulraney | 3 min read |

If you’re looking for something watch-related to do in London in early June, you can forget all about the summer edition of The Watchmakers Club. That’s because all 250 available spots have already been snapped up… Sad, isn’t it? Not really, as in fact, you might still have a chance of getting in thanks to MONOCHROME. Read down to the bottom to find out how! 

Given what the team at TWC has pulled together this year, it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular: a new venue (even bigger than last year’s); new brands participating – plus plenty of familiar faces from previous events – and some interactive, hands-on experiences courtesy of the International Watch Seminar. It’s going to be a fun afternoon/evening. Don’t worry if you missed out this time though, the November event is already in the works.

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What Is The Watchmakers Club?

As the name suggests, The Watchmakers Club is a collective of independent watch brands. Limited by size, budget, geographic location, or what have you, these brands have realised they can achieve more by working together. The co-founders are owners of independent watch brands themselves – David Brailsford with Garrick and Mark Schwarz with Vault Swiss.

The goal of the club is to raise the profile of the indie brands that form its core. This is done primarily through the website and via events like the one we’re talking about today. Membership is free and open to anyone. So too are the events, although they are limited by capacity. As a result, TWC doesn’t make any money from the events. Instead, the brands exhibiting all share in the costs equally. From a watch lover´s point of view, this is really cool, as it means you can enjoy a night out getting up close and personal with some pretty amazing watches for no money. Other than a cab fare home perhaps.

See the video below, to get an idea of what to expect at The Watchmakers Club:

The Summer Event

The summer event takes place on June 5th, starting from 3 pm and officially ending at 10:30 pm. (Unofficially the end time is likely to be the wee hours of the next morning). This year TWC has graduated to a two-storey gallery space in Covent Garden. In total, 18 brands are participating, many of which will be familiar to regular readers of MONOCHROME. They are:

  • Andreas Strehler
  • Armin Strom
  • Cyrus
  • Czapek
  • Dornblüth & Sohn
  • Fabergé
  • Fears
  • Garrick
  • GoS
  • HYT
  • International Watch Seminar
  • Lonville
  • Louis Moinet
  • Meistersinger
  • Moritz Grossmann
  • Schwarz Etienne
  • Zeitwinkel

As with previous years, there will be no fancy glass cabinets or over-the-top displays. Instead, you can just walk up to any brand, pick up the products and start having a chat. It really is that relaxed and intimate. This is great because it puts all the brands on a level playing field. The size of the marketing budget becomes irrelevant. Instead, the focus is completely on the people and the watches.

To find out more about The Watchmakers Club, including how you can register to attend the November event, please visit their website.

Special Giveaway

MONOCHROME, in collaboration with The Watchmakers Club, is very pleased to be able to offer our readers the chance to win 1 of 10 final tickets to next month’s event. Note that the tickets are non-transferable and only grant you access to The Watchmakers Club summer event. Maximum one entry per person. The ten lucky winners will be notified.

To enter the prize draw, simply send an email to [email protected] with your name and contact details, and please mention “MONOCHROME giveaway” in your email. Entries close on Friday, 31 May at 5 pm CEST.

Entries are closed now as the inbox of The Watchmakers Club has been flooded! David Brailsford, founder and organizer of the Watchmaker’s Club will contact ten lucky persons who will get a ticket. 

updated 29 May

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