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Weekly Watch Photo – Squale Ocean Diver Blandford 100 Atmos

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |
Squale Oceans Diver Blandford 100 Atmos

Have you ever heard of Squale dive watches? Today we’re going to have a look at very nice photos of a vintage Squale Ocean Diver Blandford 100 Atmos, photographed by Alessandra aka ‘Oliver Nelson’ (his forum nickname). This Squale is a perfect example of a vintage dive watch that was up there, back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, when dive watches were evolving to how we know them today.

Having a reliable diving watch was much more an essential factor for a diver, than it is today. Now-a-days all kind dive computers accompany a diver and tell him or her when it is time to ascend, make s safety stop and ascend further. In those years, watches were still the only devices available for use during dives, which helped to calculate diving times, and were considered as amongst the most essential technical items for a diver’s safety.

Squale Oceans Diver Blandford 100 Atmos

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In our upcoming review of a new Squale 101 Atmos ref. 2002, we’ll tell much more about the rich history of Squale watches. However one of the interesting facts that is related to the watch we’re looking at today, the brand isn’t Squale but Blandford. Squale produced watch case and actually entire watches, for other (small) watch brands, like Blandford. Many of these brands had the name “Squale” also printed on the dial, because the name “Squale” had become synonymous for quality. When you need a watch for diving safety, quality becomes an essential factor.

Squale Oceans Diver Blandford 100 Atmos

This Ocean Diver Blandford 100 Atmos is one of the best looking examples of watches that Squale produced for other companies. In the 1970’s Squale introduced the first 1000 meters diver watch with Plexiglass crystal and with a revolutionary snap-on bezel that will only move under pressure, rotating in both directions.

Soon we’ll bring you a review of a new Squale 101 Atmos ref. 2002. Here’s a link to the Squale website. Thanks to Alessandro aka OLiver Nelson for the photos!

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