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Weekly Watch Photo – Lange und Sohne Zeitwerk Striking Time

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

The Weekly Watch Photo of this weeks shows an extraoridnary beautiful striking watch, the Lange und Söhne Zeitwerk Striking Time. Photographed by Peter Chong.

Many watch aficionados where shocked, amazed, exilirated when the Lange und Söhne Zeitwerk was announced in May of 2009. The new Zeitwerk Striking Time has the same (for Lange und Söhne) unorthodox looks and features maybe the most beautiful way to incorporate a striking mechanism.

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The Zeitwerk Striking Time is a so-called striking watch, which chimes every hour and quarter, unless turned off. The button at the 4 position enables the owner to select between strike or silent mode. When the strike mode is selected, the hammers and gongs will produce low notes on every hour and a high pitch notes on every quarter.

Again my sincere thanks go out to Peter Chong for the excellent photo. At his blog called Watchscapes you can see more photos of the Lange und Söhne Zeitwerk Striking Time (and many other timepieces!).

The A Lange und Söhne Zeitwerk Striking Time is available in platinum in a limited edition of 100 pieces with a rhodium dial and (unlimited) in white gold (as shown) with a black dial. Look at the Lange und Söhne website for more information.

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