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VIDEO – Visiting the MB&F M.A.D Gallery, the crazy artistic universe of Max Busser & Friends

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
Monochrome-Watches - Visiting the MBandF MAD Gallery - Video report

MB&F for most of you must be these crazy timepieces, with extremely bold (not to say out-of-this-world) designs and completely weird displays of time – think here HM4 or HM6 SV, just as a few examples. However, the basic concept was not just these watches but also partnerships. Like the F of MB&F indicates, there are always “friends” involved. Well, this idea also applies to the official boutiques of the brand and here, we’re not only talking watches but mechanical art in general. Pushing the door of one of the M.A.D Galleries and you’ll enter a fascinating world mixing watches and mechanical art, bringing light on some of craziest artists around, of course friends of MB. We cordially invite you to follow us for a visit at the Genevan M.A.D Gallery, with this video.

MB&F watches are ALWAYS created by Maximilian Büsser in collaboration with some of the best names of the independent watchmaking industry, like Stepan Sarpaneva (for the MoonMachine), Eric Giroud (the man behind the design of most of the MB&F timepieces), Black Badger with his luminous HMX or recently, Alain Silberstein with his own vision of colorful Bauhaus, applied on the LM1. What some consider as proper mechanical art (in terms of watches of course) is sold first by some retailers around the world but more interestingly in official MB&F boutiques. And these boutiques (located in Geneva, where we recorded this movies, as well as in Dubai and Taipei) are not only a showcase for the MB&F watches but include a whole universe of mechanical creations, including art, automatons and vehicles (which can difficultly be called bikes or motorbikes…).

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MBandF MAD Gallery Geneva - 4

The aim of the MB&F M.A.D Gallery is to promote both the watches of the brand, the musical machines and clocks created with MB&F and some artists, creators of absolutely stunning, yet rather useless (isn’t it the definition of art…?) machines that move, rotate, oscillate, make light, change form… Nothing is static, everything moves and interacts – that’s what should be called kinetic art. It’s all about contemporary mechanical art, and we can tell you that if you like fine mechanical watches, you’ll certainly have a very good time visiting one of the 3 M.A.D Galleries. And even if MB&F watches are, because of their complexity and exclusivity, priced to a high level, the M.A.D Galleries also allow to enter the world of the brand with rather accessible mechanical creations – or unique and imposing pieces of art.

Wether you’re in Europe, Asia or Middle-East, and being enthusiast about mechanical watches, we greatly encourage you to push the door of one of the M.A.D Galleries, even for the beauty of it. Like the rest of the MB&F creations, there’s a sort of childlike joy and regressive feel when sat there, looking at these kinetic machines moving and changing. Yes, that’s what MB&F does, bringing a smile on the face, even in a luxurious industry. More details on the M.A.D Galleries on the dedicated page – – and on the website of Max Büsser and Friends watches.

Ps. stay tuned because soon and together with MB&F, you’ll be able to win one of these mechanical art creations in one of our give-aways.

Video recorded and edited by Julien Couson / PMG Productions for Monochrome-Watches – 2016 – All rights reserved.

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