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Cool Finds: an ultra-rare prototype of a Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref. 1665 dialed 500M/1650FT

calendar | ic_dehaze_black_24px By Frank Geelen | ic_query_builder_black_24px 2 min read |

The photo above shows a fake Rolex Sea-Dweller ref. 1665. At least, according to alleged Panerai faker Jose a.k.a. Perezcope it’s a fake. Since he just published a rather vile and incorrect article about us here at MONOCHROME, this article is to clarify why we posted the story about the above Sea-Dweller and why it was not taken offline before. 

During Baselworld 2015 I met with Christian Bissener, owner of in Luxemburg. Christian was a dealer for several independent watch brands and Indies are a big thing to us here at MONOCHROME, hence a good reason to have a chat. During our talks, Christian asked me to cover a unique Rolex Sea-Dweller. We actually never cover vintage Rolex because that’s a too murky business in my humble opinion. I’ve seen even experts go wrong with vintage Rolex, so we usually stay away. This time we made an exception.

Since we don’t know much about vintage Rolex, and trust me, we want to keep it that way, I told Christian that we don’t know enough about the watch he wanted us to cover, so he had to provide all info and photos. Our managing editor Brice knocked out the story, entirely based on Christian Bissener’s info and photos, and the article was published in May 2015. Important to mention: we did not get paid or any other reimbursement for this (or any other) story we did for Christian.

Fast forward to June 2020…. Jose / Perezcope sent a message through my private Instagram that the Sea-Dweller is a fake. I followed Jose on Instagram and I read the accusations that had been made about him for faking (vintage) Panerai. I have never met Jose, never talked to him on the phone, and I didn’t know more about his ‘rep’.

In response, I asked Jose to clarify his statement because we couldn’t simply take an article down. The response I received was that I should read his story on his own website, that this type of dial was not used in a 1971 Sea-Dweller and that the dial had water damage. I had no time to dig into this, nor to read his article, so I asked for a more comprehensive clarification that this was a fake. That clarification never came, but seven months later, January 2021, Jose posted the rather vile article on his blog saying that we promote a fake Rolex Sea-Dweller.

See screenshots of the IG conversation with Jose.


We get more messages and to me, this was not enough explanation from someone with a shady reputation. Unfortunately, Jose chose to not give more explanation, to wait for seven months and to publish his vile article stating a lot of horse crap.

If you want to read more about Jose a.k.a. Perezcope:

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