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the tingling….

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

I guess it’s that time again… the tingling is here again! My beloved 3717 has been on my wrist for some months now and the DJ’s bracelet has been sized to my girlfriends wrist size so it’s itsching again. I noticed i started looking at new option more seriously and making calculations. I was even asking myself the question if i was prepared to get rid of a watch to partially fund something else.

Although i’m not unsatisfied with my collection at all i guess seeing a picture of the JLC Extreme World Alarm started something. After that i started looking at another Extreme World, the EWC, i thought this line was rather big and actually too big. I also think i’m a bit fed up with the big-bigger-biggest hype that is going on in watch land. Although i just love the design of the EWC and the Extreme World Alarm from picture a lot, on my wrist is just was to bulky.


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The salesperson and owner of Salvatore Juwelers in Rotterdam, a nice watch enthousiast, also showed me the regular JLC Master Compressor Chronograph that he had strapped on his own wrist. I cannot say it differently than that seeing this watch, was love at first sight. The watch felt good on my wrist and looked awesome. Although it was initially not the watch i planned to look for, the regular Master Compressor Chronograph really struck me. Later is tried the exact same watches again at Steltman Watches in the Hague where i was also helped very good.


And than there is also this one i am considering….

IWC CD.jpg

This is the 2006 version of the IWC Cousteau Divers Chronograph, which is the 2mm larger version of the regular IWC Aquatimer Chronograph (44mm). The regular is all black and this one is dark blue and comes on a dark blue rubber strap. In my opinion this is a beautiful sporty chronograph as well.

So for now i have enough food for thought… and hopefully in a few months i’ll know what to choose 🙂

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