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The New MB&F HM5 RT – Red Gold and Titanium

| By Frank Geelen | 1 min read |

Last Thursday MB&F introduced a new version of Horlogical Machine 5. So we visited the M.A.D. Gallery, MB&F’s home base in Geneva, Switzerland, to show you their newest creation with our own photos.

HM5 was first introduced in December 2012 (see here) with a zirconium case with internal water resistant steel “engine container”.The outer case measures 51.5mm by 49mm and 22.5mm in height. Sounds big? Well, on the wrist it’s actually quite comfy and certainly not too big.


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There have been some changes to HM5 that allow for a new look, while keeping the weight as low as possible. The zirconium outer case of the first version has been replaced by a mix of titanium and 5N red gold, while the inner case is now also executed in titanium. The green numerals have been replaced by blue numerals, that perfectly match with the matte grey of the titanium and the warm red gold.


To read the time, you must look at the watch from the front and not in an angle. That’s because the numerals are reflected 90° and magnified by 20%. More about the HM5’s technical build, can be read here when we introduced the first HM5.

Now I just wonder whether the Chicara No.5 motorbike was was the inspiration for this color-combination?


The new HM5 RT – red gold and titanium – is limited to 66 pieces, and is priced at $82,000 USD. It is available from MB&F retailers and of course from the MAD Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland. For more information, please visit the MB&F website.

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