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The Itay Noy Night Flight Collection

Demonstrating the creativity of the Israeli watchmaker.

| By Robin Nooy | 3 min read |

Creativity is key in watches, and inspiration can come from just about anything. From the smallest of moments and the simplest of things, the most amazing ideas can sprout. We’ve seen watches dedicated to the most unusual things, from cars to cities to people and to events or monumental landmarks. Itay Noy is one of the watchmakers that try to grasp these things into his watches and for 2020 he launches the Night Flight collection.

Itay Noy is a Tel Aviv-based independent watchmaker with some very unusual designs in his collection. Each year he tries to launch a new collection with a distinct look and often inspired by experiences by the man himself. All watches are assembled on order in his workshop, and he produces about 150 watches each year. The ideas for his collections can literally come from anything, most of the time resulting in a playful take on the indication of time or artistically decorated dials. Most of the dials, modules and complications he incorporates in his collections are done in-house.

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of his watchmaking studio which is celebrated with his latest limited edition. The Night Flight collection is inspired by a very recognizable moment for everyone that has ever had the experience of flying during the night. Gazing out of the window of the airplane on the earth below, seeing the darkened landscape pass by. And all of a sudden, a few lights pop up. Industrial areas light up, residential neighbourhoods, city centres, buildings, roads, monuments and more.

This very moment, passing over a city during a night flight is what Itay Noy has tried to grasp in this new collection. The development of this collection started in 2019 when Itay Noy visited the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute to participate in a trade workshop which brought together ten designers from around the world. The goal was to share knowledge, learn about traditional lacquer techniques and incorporate find applications in contemporary creations, and in Itay’s case a watch of course.

A total of ten different cities are converted into ten unique pieces; Jerusalem, Cairo, Las Vegas, Seoul, Athens, Berlin, Beijing, Taipei, Melbourne and Denver. These cities are carefully replicated with said lacquer technique onto the dial. Lacquer is mixed with 24 karat gold to create intricate patterns. The final dials have a distinct three-dimensional depiction of the city, based upon an aerial photograph of the cities at night. The dials are marked with Itay Noy’s brand name, the city of the unique dial and the marking each watch is a one-of-one.

The case for the Night Flight, measuring 44mm wide, is finished with a black PVD coating, fitting to the nightly theme. The slim crown is positioned at four o’clock and is aligned with the gold central hour and minute hands and the sub-seconds at eleven o’clock. The small seconds indicator is fitted with a three-bladed, propeller-styled hand in black to not distract from the dial. On the edge of the dial, gold dots are placed to help read the time. Of course, sapphire crystals are used on both sides of the watch.

The link with the view from an airplane, gazing down upon a city, is further enhanced with the airplane window shaped caseback. This offers a view of the skeletonized and decorated, ruthenium-plated ETA 6497-1 movement. Specifications for this movement are of course well-known. It offers 38 hours of power reserve when fully wound. The strap that comes with the Itay Noy Night Flight is reversible leather strap fitted, one side black and the other brown, to a double folding buckle.

Each unique version comes with a price of USD 16,800 and is available through Itay Noy’s website.

2 responses

  1. Very lovely dial, however, in general, Independents NEED to STOP using Unitas movements, they are too large and create over sized watches.
    Yes, they are easy to work with but the end result is a lack of proportionality.

    Again, very lovely and elegant dial, hypnotic to say the least.
    However, that is the only strong attribute.
    Movement finishing should have frosting rather then engravings,especially for such a contemporary piece.

    Over priced and will struggle to compete with so many other substitutes from other independents as well as main stream brands.

  2. Nice….but a bit over the top price wise, to say the least, for just ….an ETA movement.

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