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Girard-Perregaux Traveller Collection

| By Max E. Reddick | 1 min read |

For the jet-set crowd, the Girard-Perregaux Traveller Collection is a helpful travelling companion.  As implied by the name, Traveller, this collection is made for adventure or hopping time zones.  Girard-Perregaux provides two models to meet a modern itinerant’s needs.  The first model comes with a moon phase and large date, and the second model, the WW.TC that we already reviewed for you here,  has a chronograph and world timer.

The moon phase and large date reduce timekeeping to the essentials while adding the glint of the moon.  In many ways, the moon is mother nature’s clock, and this watch keeps the journeyman abreast of the month with both moon and a date large enough to read on the go.  The dial has a globe’s lines of longitude and latitude running across it, signifying the watch’s identity.

Building on the preceding collection, the Traveller collection offers a second choice – the familiar combination of chronograph and world timer.  When the ports of call come in quick succession, this watch, like its the, allows the wearer to adjust the time based on location. Though its face is busier, this model also has the identifying meridians and parallels across the dial.

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