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Speake-Marin Enters the Integrated Bracelet Category with the New Ripples (Live Pics & Price)

A new addition to the ever-growing luxury sports watch category, with a dash of charisma.

| By Xavier Markl | 3 min read |
Speake-Marin Ripples - Luxury Sports Watch Integrated Bracelet

The luxury sports watch with integrated bracelet is, without a doubt, the hottest watch category. Numerous brands have responded to the market’s insatiable demand, including several independent watchmakers. Among the latest creations in this category is the Speake-Marin Ripples, an automatic model driven by a micro-rotor movement. And as you have come to expect from Speake-Marin, it comes with its own twist and dose of eccentricity. 

Speake-Marin Ripples - Luxury Sports Watch Integrated Bracelet

Speake-Marin has always offered an offbeat take on classic mechanical watchmaking, infusing it with a healthy dose of originality. The signature Piccadilly case immediately comes to mind, and we were curious to see what the brand’s take on the luxury sports watch with integrated bracelet could be. 

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As you would expect, the shape of the Speake-Marin Ripples takes on the classic codes of the luxury sports category. As such, this new watch is a bit of a departure from the usual repertoire of the brand. Still, it comes with distinctive Speake-Marin tweaks that help create a watch that is unique in its own right… The shaped stainless steel case, called La City, is quite complex with a round dial opening, a flat brushed bezel and a protected crown. Measuring 40.3mm diameter, the slim 9mm profile is courtesy of the micro-rotor movement inside, and the watch wears comfortably on the wrist.

Speake-Marin Ripples - Luxury Sports Watch Integrated Bracelet

One of the distinctive design elements of the watch is its dial, which stands out with an original pattern that the brand calls Ripples. This horizontal texture creates a striking sense of depth, changing colours and reflections. It is formed with a series of deep and large rounded grooves. The original positioning of the small seconds at 1.30 is also characteristic of Speake-Marin. The rhodium-plated polished Big Ben hands are also immediately identifiable with their heart/spade shape. These are paired with stick-style applied hour markers.

Speake-Marin Ripples - Luxury Sports Watch Integrated Bracelet

The Speake-Marin Ripples is powered by the automatic calibre SMA03-T, which was designed and developed in the brand’s own Research & Development department at Le Cercle Des Horlogers. The originality of this large 30mm movement lies in the eccentric display of the small seconds. The use of a fully integrated micro-rotor allows the movement to be just 3.9mm in height and provides an unimpeded view of its intricacies. The calibre SMA03-T (where T stands for Tradition) is structured with four bridges decorated with stripes: Speake-Marin has shaped them slightly differently from previous watches with beautiful hand-bevelled angles and jewel sinks. Beating at 28,800 vibrations per hour, it can store up to 52 hours of power reserve.

Speake-Marin Ripples - Luxury Sports Watch Integrated Bracelet

The Speake-Marin Ripples is presented on a three-link, tapered integrated bracelet that alternates polished and brushed surfaces. It is secured to the wrist by a concealed folding clasp and the closing link is emblazoned with the Speake-Marin topping tool logo. 

Availability & Price

The Speake-Marin Ripples is presented in one version only (with a monochrome grey colourway) and is announced as a “limited production” watch. Price is set at CHF 19,900 excluding taxes, which is not cheap but in line with what you expect for the category and from an independent watchmaker.

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10 responses

  1. poor watchewr resistance and no lume make it an instant no go for me

  2. Buen reloj, buen calibre, buenos exteriores, estanqueidad mejorable. Costoso por lo que ofrece.

  3. Nice case shape and the protected crown done stylishly. Unless watch is regularly checked water resistance can’t be relied on so I treat all watches as if they aren’t waterproof. Its the dial and the price that would put me off.

  4. 50m, no lume, no date and quite high price. Deifinitely not a watch for me.

  5. It’s fugly. It’s okay to have no symmetry on the dial for the sake of being unique, but what on earth is that crown guard? Why was it squared off on the other side? This looks like a moser joke watch that was canceled (sadly) but they have a point to do so which I liked, but this is more like the micro-brand genius genta horrible watch. And it doesn’t look like it’s almost 20 grand. Should’ve canceled this production and fire the current designer then hire the one that’s more competent and please do not sully the Peter Speakmarin name.

  6. “28,800 vibrations per hour”… did you need to fill the page with ununderstandable long useless talks OR you liked to have NOT been at school and have NOT learned what Herz are?🤔

  7. Hardly inspired by the nautilus, if that’s all you see here you’re just another one of many programmed sheep. I find it quite clean, unique, professional and understated. Well done Speake-Marin.


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