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Rotary International Team Up With Time To Act To End Polio

| By Mario Squillacioti | 3 min read |
Polio Watch One by Marc Alfieri

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to ‘pass the hat’ around again for a good cause. Time To Act and Rotary International have joined forces to raise $500,000,000.00 in five years to ELIMINATE the Polio virus by offering a series of specially designed watches.

Poliomyelitis is an infectious disease that can cause muscular paralysis leading to loss of muscular control, loss of the ability to breathe and loss of life. Polio affects primarily people in developing parts of the world where access medical care is either non-existent or over-burdened. There is no way to reverse the effects of the paralysis that takes hold. The truly frightening aspect to the disease is that 90% of people who carry the disease show NO symptoms; this allows the disease to spread and thrive. There is no cure for polio. (Depressed yet?) There IS a vaccination.

(When did become the home for all of these sob stories? We want WATCHES!!!)

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Polio Watch One by Marc Alfieri

Time To Act and Rotary International have embarked upon an auspicious campaign to raise $500,000,000.00 towards the eradication of the Poliovirus by helping to purchase enough vaccine to immunize ALL of the people in the world – effectively eliminating it’s ability to spread to new hosts. The plan is to sell 3,300,000 watches over the course of the next 5 years. Each year will showcase a new design by internationally acclaimed designers. First up is famed designer and watchmaker Marc Alfieri.

Polio Watch One by Marc Alfieri

The POLIO WATCH ONE is a rectangular cased watch consisting of a micro-motor movement (indeed, micro-motor and not micro-rotor – that means it’s not a mechanical watch – we’ve made the exception for this piece.) The really amazing part of the tech behind the watch is not really in the movement, it’s in the display.

The watch functions in conjunction with a Bluetooth App that not only controls the time and time zone of the watch; it also updates displays visible on the dial, which depict the success of the fundraising campaign. At 6 o’clock, there is a spherical display that shows a rather eerie three-dimensional image of the Poliovirus. As the campaign progresses, the haunting looking virus is slowly transformed into a picture of the Blue Planet, rotating free and clear of Polio.

Polio Watch One by Marc Alfieri

Our Pitch To You and Our Way to Help:

Once again – you know I don’t like talking about money on Monochrome. It’s not fair for me to tell people how to spend their hard-earned pay (be it a little or a lot.) Polio Watch One is an opportunity to spend $650.00 on a new watch, designed by an acclaimed designer, featuring a novel technical interface. The first $150.00 of your purchase will go DIRECTLY towards purchasing 250 doses of vaccine. This means 250 children will not die from Polio and they will not go on to infect other children or adults either. That means that 250 children can PLAY doctor instead of seeking help from one.

If you can – you really should.

Please feel free to contact Time To Act via:

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  1. Great article; very informative.
    Collect watches – eradicate polio ! Makes sense to me.
    Thanks. Peter

  2. form where i can buy polio watch one at dubai united arab emirates and whats the price pleas thanx

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