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Rolex Predictions 2021 – New Versions of the Submariner, Daytona and Sea-Dweller

Offering more options for existing models with luxury in mind.

| By Brice Goulard | 5 min read |
Rolex Predictions 2021 - Rolex New models 2021 - New Versions Submariner Daytona Sea-Dweller 2021

Following what we expect to be the major Rolex launches for 2021, namely evolutions of the Explorer II with new ceramic bezel and the Explorer 1 with new case diameters and a possible Polar dial, we continue our Rolex Predictions 2021 series. Traditionally, Rolex focuses on one major launch per year but also presents some additional models, usually evolutions of existing watches. In 2020, for instance, the main topic was the new Submariner, but there were also new Oyster Perpetual and Sky-Dweller models. This year, we expect Rolex to inject even more luxury into its collection with new editions of the Submariner Date, the Cosmograph Daytona and the Sea-Dweller. 

note that this article is a figment of our imagination. These are just predictions. Nothing is official. It is based on our own expectations and analysis.

New Yellow and Everose Rolesor Daytona Ceramic

We start these less important Rolex Predictions 2021 with some evolutions on the Daytona racing chronograph. Available in a host of materials and colours, we’d like the Rolesor (the two-tone configuration) version to be updated with a black ceramic bezel, something that will drastically modernise this model and add some desirability.

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Rolex Predictions 2021 - Rolex New models 2021 - Rolex Daytona Rolesor Yellow Ceramic 116513LN

Looking at the current collection, you’ll notice that the two-tone “Rolesor” Daytona is only available in steel with 18k yellow gold accents on the bezel, crown/pushers and bracelet. We expect this configuration to remain the brand’s classic; however, we envision an update of this model with the black ceramic bezel found on the full yellow gold model, meaning with a gold-coloured tachymeter scale – a look that is somehow reminiscent of the early Daytona watches with their Plexiglas insert.

What would remain is the wide choice of dial colours and materials. Here we’ve imagined two classic looks; one in a full black edition with gold-coloured sub-dial rings, and a second gold panda model with black sub-counters and a champagne colour for the background. Considering the recently renewed love for two-tone watches, we can easily imagine the success of two configurations.

Another possible update, which we include in these Rolex Predictions 2021, is the launch of Everose Rolesor versions of the Daytona, something unprecedented that Rolex has yet to create. While available in full Everose, on a bracelet or Oysterflex rubber strap, the Crown has never proposed the Daytona in a combination of steel and “Everose” pink gold. Slightly more subtle than yellow gold, this could become a women’s favourite too. As examples, we’ve imagined a reversed panda dial and – a classic combination with Everose gold – a brown dial. Of course, the black ceramic bezel will feature a rose gold-coloured tachymeter scale.

New Everose and Platinum Submariner Date

In September 2020, Rolex presented a new Submariner. Usually starting by launching precious metal models followed a year later by steel editions, the Crown did things differently and launched an entire collection with no-date and date versions, but also with steel, two-tone and full gold (yellow or white) models. Altogether, eight references were introduced.

Rolex Predictions 2021 - Rolex New models 2021 - Rolex Submariner 41mm Everose brown bezel 126605CH

This year, for our Rolex Predictions 2021, we expect two more materials to be added to the Submariner range. And yes, these are slightly controversial because Rolex has never produced watches like this in the past. First, we could see the brand presenting a full 18k Everose gold edition of the Submariner date on a bracelet. And while we’re at it, why not pair this pink gold case with one of the Crown’s signature colours, a brown sunray brushed dial and a brown ceramic insert for the bezel? While rather hypothetical, Rolex has proved in the past that its sports watches were not really professional instruments anymore and that precious metals are now a tradition for the Submariner.

And as we’re talking luxurious editions, we’ve also imagined a platinum version of the Submariner Date. Again, Rolex has never proposed such a version of its luxury dive watch. However, knowing the brand’s high luxury strategy, this doesn’t appear that hypothetical anymore. For this platinum Submariner, we decided to give it the classic light blue dial that is often paired with this heavy, cold-coloured metal. Also, we went for a blue ceramic bezel, but in a darker tone than what’s used on the existing white gold 126619LB.

Of course, these updates only involve new colours and materials, and all specifications would remain the same as the current Submariner Date – meaning 41mm case, new proportions, new bracelet and calibre 3235.

New Full Yellow Gold and Oysterflex Sea-Dweller

Last but not least, we’ve come up with something that will certainly shock purists and tool watch aficionados. Indeed, we’ve imagined a full 18k yellow gold version of the brand’s robust dive watch, the Sea-Dweller. Certainly, you can question the purpose of a gold case on a watch with 1,220m water-resistance and a helium valve. But if look back at Rolex’s 2019 collection, you’ll see that precious metals are no stranger to the Sea-Dweller, which already exists in a surprising (but somehow cool) Rolesor 126603 edition.

Rolex Predictions 2021 - Rolex New models 2021 - Rolex Sea-Dweller 43mm Yellow Gold Oysterflex 126608

So, why not a full yellow gold Sea-Dweller? And to make it a bit lighter and less provocative, we imagined it worn on the brand’s great Oysterflex bracelet, a combination that is usually found on gold models only.

Can you imagine this gold SD being launched? And what do you think of these Rolex Predictions 2021? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, stay tuned on MONOCHROME, because tomorrow we’ll have the last of our articles. It’s a pretty unexpected one, but we’re sure you’ll love it!

Note: this article is based on our own Photoshop mock-ups, nothing has been provided officially from Rolex. These Rolex Predictions 2021 are based on our imagination and expectations. All images are under license of MONOCHROME and should not be used without agreement or copyright (©Monochrome-Watches, 2021).

20 responses

  1. Wow, that blue on that Platinum Sub. Since we’re dreaming, I would be supportive of a Monochrome x Rolex collab. watch.

  2. The Daytona predictions looks hideous, I am not a fan of the ceramic bezels as they over power the face the watch. The Sea Dweller looks wrong, the strap joining point is disproportionately small compared to the size of the case, the YM in Everose on an OF is a much better look IMHO.

    As for the Submariner Date, why? This watch already has a number of PM and TT options, why not give the Submariner No Date a little make over, how about this classic getting a blue dial and bezel combination?

    Nice ideas today but not as plausible as the previous Explorer mock ups.

  3. Platinum Submariner ? Absolutely. That’s way better in terms of modern luxury than a reissue of the PP Nautilus

  4. They are all beautiful and extremely desirable. Rolex might just have a peek and think hmmmm. You know what…..

  5. All of these predictions are interesting, however if one is unable to purchase a Rolex because one dies not have celebrity statu, these predictions are useless, in essence, quit making predictions concerning the Rolex brand until they are easily obtainable for the rest of us none celebrity types.

  6. I need to say this, and besides, I’ll be presenting a couple of secret designs to Rolex: whether or not Rolex listen, the skydweller and the Explorer II need revamping. The explorer is spent, and has a nondescript identity. The skydweller needs a bit more aesthetic finesse. Lastly, the yacht master…. Needs a detailed and finer detailing. I have only designs on the first two I mentioned, only The concerned are allowed to see the design. Regards.

  7. I’m not a gold man but that Everose reversed panda dial Daytona is stunning!

  8. Parmi vos prédictions, les Daytona Rolesor Everose sont sublimes. Sachant qu’habituellement vos prévisions sont les plus justes, je me plais à rêver. Réponse en avril…

  9. Very interesting indeed. Personally i don’t believe the submariner will get touched at all. It’s only just had an upgrade and if you look historically, Rolex tend not to touch a model for at least 5 years especially after Such a radical change already. The same with the gmt. I like the idea of the gold sea dweller but I can’t see this working, since it’ll be too soft a material to manufacture the case middle from, caseback and crown tube in all gold and have it test successfully to such a depth. Rolex would test these at that depth even if the watch never sees that kind of water action after sale, no stone left unturned. Also again looking historically, if they were going to do it, it would have come out in all gold before the bi metal model.

  10. Rolex should work on supply issues first before dropping any new models. Used to be you saved your money and could buy more or less what you wanted (excluding Daytona) at your local AD. I travelled extensively in 2019, could not find a single steel sports model in London, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Maui or Western Canada. At least the dealers in Vancouver and Maui were honest. Canadian dealer didn’t keep a wait list anymore, just called clients who had spent over $150,000 with him in the last 5 years, sold direct to them. Maui, no wait list, but a list of 10 people they call when the watches arrive. First one to the store gets the watch, most on the list lived in Hawaii, but a couple of dudes would fly in from California if it was a Daytona or Patek….when you have customers who can afford your product, but you will not even let them wait for it, you are going to have a long term issues. Not sure why Rolex bothers with all the advertising, its kind of comical when you think about it….advertising for a watches almost nobody can find. Sigh.

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