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Rolex Rumors – will it be the Sky-Dweller or the Submariner No-Date 114060M?

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |

One of the things that happens shortly before Baselworld every year, is a stream of rumors about what Rolex is going to release. Every year Rolex fans are trying to find clues about the newest watch from heir beloved brand. Well… it’s that time again…

This year some rumors mentioned the word Sky-Dweller. And it looks like there is more than just rumors! Rolex USA registered the trademark for this name and we just found that the URL also has been registered by Rolex. However there are more rumors, like the launch of a GMT-Master II 116710 with a pepsi bezel and a no-date Submariner 114060M in the ‘new’ case.

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Rolex always takes a few years to update the entire collection. It was 2008 when Rolex launched the new Submariner case with thicker lugs and a ceramic bezel. That was the white gold version, reference 116619. The Submariner no-date, reference 14060M, is the only model of the Submariner collection that has not been upgraded yet, so it seems logical that this will happen this year. It could look like the photoshop version above.

Over at the Vintage Rolex Forum, one of the members found a new patent that was registered on January 5th of this year, that indicates a new case for a perpetual calendar case. However since that patent was registered so recent, it might be a new release next year.

I’m curious if Rolex will release the GMT-Master II with pepsi bezel, like the photoshop version below.

The one rumor that is really very intriguing is that of the Sky-Dweller name. Our friends from the Rolex Passion Blog found the trademark registration for the name Sky-Dweller, registered to Rolex USA. On this website you can see that Rolex filed for registration of the Sky-Dweller trademark on 3th of August 2011.

When looking up the URL the WHOIS info also states that is registered to Rolex S.A. in Switzerland. There is however no website visible at the moment of writing.

Further searching shows that the URL was initially registered by Key Systems GMBH on 28th of March 2011.

Now while this might be very interesting, we still don’t know anything for sure. Will Rolex launch a new model called Sky-Dweller? And if they will do so, than we still don’t have a clue of what it might look like. Although some guess it will be a large version of the GMT-Master II. Like the Sea-Dweller is the über-Submariner, so could the Sky-Dweller become the über-GMT-Master?

Next week, on March 8 2012, we will find out if Rolex will launch a Sky-Dweller, a pepsi bezel for the GMT-Master II and/or the Submariner No-Date ref 114060M. Stay tuned…

5 responses

  1. cool story before basel, can you tell whats diffrent on this PS submariner than on current one

  2. Hi Marks,
    First of all, thank you foryou kind words. This Submariner has not been released yet and is made in photoshop. It has the same case that has been released for all other Submariner models with a date, featuring thicker lugs, a ceramic bezel, a fine adjustment clasp and several other new details.
    Hope this helps.

  3. thanks on reply Mono, i know that this is PS rendering that’s why i asked what is different in this PS render compared to current subariner 14060m,i dont see difference. i see difference on second picture of GMT it’s obvious – pepsi bezel which its not in current GMT collection

  4. Well, the biggest changes are that lugs are thicker and the bezel is made of ceramic. And of course it features the maxi dial that was introduced with the 16610LV (green bezel).

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