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Rolex Leak New 44mm Titanium Submariner!

| By Mario Squillacioti | 2 min read |
rolex submariner titanium

The wait is finally OVER! Rolex leaked photos of their new 44mm titanium Submariner! Monochrome has the exclusive story!

They say “Too much of a good thing is a GREAT THING!” Well they (whoever ‘they’ are) are right! I recently had the chance to chat with Gian Riccardo Marini over lunch while Marini was in town to preside over a transaction at a Shanghai boutique.

Rolex Submariner TitaneFar from being cautious or reserved in his comments, Marini was EXTREMLY vocal about his desire to win back market share from other brands who compete successfully in the luxury sports diving watch segment. While lamenting over brands like Omega, Tag Heuer and (improbably) Casio, Marini opened his iPhone to show me pictures of a watch planned for this year’s Basel.

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Specifications were described as such:

  • 44mm low grade titanium case
  • 20mm/18mm titanium Oyster bracelet with flip-lock style clasp
  • Mitoya Movement (Marini says that it is “…impossible to get your hands on an ETA movement anymore!”)
  • Depth rating will only be 30 meters – according to Rolex’s research, only 2% of their client base know how to swim and virtually none actually ‘dive’.

The meating ended abruptly when Marini could not get a fork and spoon to twirl his pasta. I tried to explain how to use kuàizi to eat noodles – but he wouldn’t hear of it! He stormed off and left ME with the bill!

Those of you who know me know that I have been waiting for Rolex to release a titanium version of the Sub; every other maker in the industry produce titanium versions of their sports watches! Why not Rolex? I hope this pans out! Though, I’m left with a lingering doubt; prior to leaving Marini said that he enjoyed my articles and that no matter how much everyone else HATES them I should continue to produce them!

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  1. “[A]ccording to Rolex’s research, only 2% of their client base know how to swim and virtually none actually dive.”

    I bet that bit is actually true.

  2. Wow. Way to proofread, guys. Terrible writing and terrible grammar. I’m officially done reading this site- get an editor!

  3. Sorry you find our English so repulsive. While blogging, there simply isn’t any time for proof-reading.

  4. Proof-reading is for insecure losers and wimps…but I repeet myself.

  5. Really your going to put a Japanese automatic in a Rolex come on man

  6. ROLEX would never make such a cool watch for men, rather it would be a unisex 40mm pansy watch for the tiny wristed boys. Hear me ROLEX, if you make a 43/44mm sub in addition to your girly 40mm watch, you will be amazed at the record number of sales you will have.

  7. For about 5 seconds I thought “wow!!! They really did it !!!!” Then I looked at the author – that moron!

  8. We’re still waiting for Rolex to come up with this genius idea, but good that you already tackled this one way ahead of its time!

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