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RJ Romain Jerome RJ x Spider-Man – The New “Generational Icon” Model is Daring…

A tribute to a true generational symbol, the pop icon Spider-Man

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
RJ Romain Jerome - RJ x Spider-Man - 6

The least we can say about RJ Romain Jerome watches is that its creations are far from being tepid or run-of-the-mill… They are bold, daring, creative, rely on pop culture and play with gimmicky features. Some will hate them, some will love them. But no one will remain indifferent. Part of its “Generational Icon” collection, which already comprises Batman, Pokemon, Pac-Man or Hello Kitty watches, there’s a new pop icon crawling into town. And in this case it’s Peter Parker’s arachnid alter ego: Spider-Man.

I know this watch won’t be understood by many of you here. Most watch enthusiasts, conservative as they are, will feel that this RJ Romain Jerome RJ x Spider-Man is not an option to even consider. However, we have to give credit to RJ Romain Jerome for its “out of the box” inspirations, for its ability to dare when others rely on traditions, for its capacity to explore territories that most won’t even consider. It is a strong bias which should be, if not liked, at least respected. The best example of such creations is the “Generational Icon” collection, where most pop culture icons are represented in a special edition watch… Think back to childhood figures like Batman, Space Invaders, Pokemon, Pac-Man or Donkey Kong. What is even more daring here is that we find these icons on proper luxury watches, with mechanical movements. A surprising alliance for sure.

RJ Romain Jerome - RJ x Spider-Man - 6

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The latest addition to the “Generational Icon” collection by RJ Romain Jerome takes inspiration from yet another Marvel Comics character, certainly one of the most famous super-heroes ever created: Spider-Man. After a first look at the watch, with its bright red Spider on the dial, this new limited edition (75 pieces) is not void of mechanical interest… In fact, it is quite a cool piece.

RJ Romain Jerome - RJ x Spider-Man - 6

The RJ Romain Jerome RJ x Spider-Man is based on the well-known Skylab watch, which we reviewed in details here. The 48mm case is presented in all-black PVD-coated steel, with black-coated paws and lugs. The case alternates between a predominance of brushed surfaces and a few polished accents and its style is in line with the traditional codes of the brand – openworked sides, case enclosed by four paws, attached lugs, convex bezel. To complement the full black look, the RJ Romain Jerome RJ x Spider-Man is worn on a black rubber strap.

RJ Romain Jerome - RJ x Spider-Man - 6

The dial of this bold creation proudly shows its roots, with a large, stylised Spider-Man logo applied over the dial. This spider features a sandblasted black chrome finish that is later hand-filled with red lacquer and held in place by two screws. It goes in full contrast with the rest of the watch, obviously made in a rather stealth style. The two nickel skeletonised hands leave an unobstructed view of the openworked movement.

RJ Romain Jerome - RJ x Spider-Man - 6

The RJ Romain Jerome RJ x Spider-Man shares its movement with the other Skylab watches (44mm or 48mm) and reveals a fully open calibre with graphic lines. The bridges are almost absent, leaving only a few straight and black lines visible, allowing for a clear view on all the technical elements – barrel at 12 o’clock, gear train and regulating organ at 6 o’clock. This RJ x Spider-Man might be a simple two-hander, but it puts on an active show on the wrist. The movement, developed by Concepto, is entirely coated in black on sandblasted surfaces and is finished with chamfered angles. All the technical elements are rhodium-plated for contrast. The movement is large and fills the 48mm case perfectly.

RJ Romain Jerome - RJ x Spider-Man - 6

The back of the watch follows the same style as the rest, with a metallized web on the sapphire crystal. The web is slightly visible when worn and enhances the “Spider-Man” theme pursued by the brand. The movement is nicely decorated on the back side too.

The RJ Romain Jerome RJ x Spider-Man is definitely not your average luxury watch. It relies on unique inspirations and creates an undeniable impact on the wrist, both because of its large dimensions and because of the theme used here. To each his own, but at least some brands dare to think out of the box. More details on

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  1. Full snob here. This is a very insignificant piece with disingenuous pretensions. Its aspirations of meaning will be forgotten in a months time. All of this plus a 20K price tag….here is an experiment you can try….put “spiderman watch” in Amazon. The first page is filled with watches that are more honest and to which I much prefer.

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