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Insert Coin: RJ-Romain Jerome PAC-MAN Level II – Specs & Price

| By Robin Nooy | 3 min read |

The phrase “insert coin” or “1 credit(s) remaining” brings back memories for most people. Kids swarming old-school arcades to hone their skills in “a-quarter-a-pop” video games after pleading for loose change with their parents like their lives depended on it. The late seventies and early eighties paved the way for legendary games, including the greatest video game of all time: PacMan. 35 years after the launch of the iconic game in 1980, RJ – Romain Jerome celebrates the birthday with the Pac-Man Level II.

Why celebrate Pac-Man, particularly? Let’s be honest, there are far more profitable games out today when it comes to total revenue but allow us to put things into context a little bit. Just consider the simple fact that Pac-Man costs about a quarter to play and yet the total gross of income it has generated during the first 20 years of its lifespan is estimated at 2,5 billion USD. Taking into account those figures, along with its cultural currency of being loved and passed on from one generation to the next, in its original version, no less – well, do you still think your modern day warfare or carjacking game, perennially replaced by a newer and “better” version at a steep annual expense, is “the best ever”? No, neither do we.


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RJ-Romain Jerome is launching five different versions of the new Pac-Man Level II, three in 46mm and two in 40mm diameter, available in a run of 20 pieces each. Both sizes share the same aesthetics, and feature a decorated dial resembling the playing field of the oh-so-familiar PacMan game. Obviously our pixelated friend is depicted on the dial, along with several of the ghosts (did you know they actually have names?) and a couple of strawberries. The 46mm models get blue, black or colored ghosts and the 40mm just black and colored. A luminous material emitting a blue hue is applied on the black hands, after these have been oxidized and satin brushed.

RJ_Romain_Jerome_PacMan_Level_II - 2

When it boils down to tribute-watches RJ-Romain Jerome has performed this particular party-trick numerous times before, by creating a timepiece commemorating the stuff of legends. Whether it’s the Statue of Liberty, the DMC Delorean, Batman, the Titanic and now Pac-Man, Romain Jerome seeks inspiration all over the world, always casting a wide-open net for their next subject. Video games, statues, comics, historical ships – anything is possible with these Swiss watchmakers.

RJ_Romain_Jerome_PacMan_Level_II - 3

The 5 versions of the new Pac-Man Level II are no different technically than some of the other timeonly RJ’s. The Pac-Man Level II features the RJ001-A caliber, an ETA/Valjoux clone made by Concepto or La Joux Perret. It is housed in the Moon-Invader case, with four protruding landing “feet” that can swivel slightly to ensure a comfy fit. It comes attached to a rubber strap with black DLC-coated folding buckle.

RJ_Romain_Jerome_PacMan_Level_II_46mm_and_40mm_dark - 1

If you are stuck in the age of shoulder pads, synthesizer music and pixelated video-gaming, this watch could very well be for you.

Considering the price tag, though, you’d have to have some deep pockets, as each one costs 11.950 Euros (40mm) or 15.950 Euros (46mm). For more information, follow this link: Romain Jerome.

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