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Video – The Day we Brought a Camera into the Omega Master Chronometer METAS Lab

Remembering that day, going where no camera had been granted access before.

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

This was three years ago already but what a special day… Back then, Omega had announced its Master Chronometer certification. Created in collaboration with independent Federal Institute of Metrology METAS, the Master Chronometer certification was one of the most advanced and stringent certification processes in watchmaking. Yet, no one had ever been allowed to bring a camera inside the laboratory, until we did, in March 2017. And because of that, we decided to produce one of our most in-depth videos, a proper 24-minute documentary where you’ll be able to discover exactly how Omega has managed to become one of the leaders in precision and anti-magnetism. 

While some brands focus on complexity and traditional watchmaking – compiling as many complications as possible into a single movement – Omega chose a different path, the pursuit of the best possible movement for daily use, a movement that will perform to the same high level in every situation, in every environment, in every possible condition. Heat, cold, magnetic fields, shocks… The automatic 3-hand or chronograph watch that will resist most external aggressions, and that will remain accurate to one of the highest levels of the industry. This led to the creation of a certification named ‘Master Chronometer’, the chronometer-plus…

Precision requirements that are even more stringent than COSC, anti-magnetic resistance to an unprecedented level, resistance to shocks, water, pressure, simulation of wrist-wear, power reserve and more. In this video, we took a look at all the steps that a watch needs to pass in order to have the name ‘Master Chronometer’ printed on its dial. And to this date, we’re still the only ones who have been granted such access to the Omega laboratory.

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To read all the details about the Master Chronometer certification and to discover the laboratory, check our article with video right here.

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  1. Fascinating. Hard not to think of this every time you look at your Omega.

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