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Pre-Baselworld 2016 – Introducing the Ressence Type 5BB, in full black outfit (specs & price)

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

Recently, Ressence, which we know for their rather unique way to display the time “beyond hands”, introduced their first sports watch, in fact a dive watch with a main specificity: being readable underwater in every single position. This watch, which we reviewed here, created some enthusiasm here, at Monochrome-Watches. For Baselworld 2016, it is now coming in a new edition, the Ressence Type 5BB, with a full black outfit.

Ressence Type 5BB Full Black - 3

Reminder about the Ressence Type 5: The thing is that, when developing the Ressence Type 3, Benoît Mintiens (the founder) figured out that when the this watch was plunged underwater, thanks to its dial filled with oil, there were absolutely no reflection on the dial, whatever the angle you choose to look at the watch. Then, the next step to reach was a natural one: creating a dive watch. Without making any sacrifices to the original concept of the previous watches (Type 1 and Type 3), the Type 5 brings sportiness and real diving aptitudes (as meeting the ISO 6425 norm). So, the Ressence Type 5 is the brand’s vision of a dive watch mixed with a Type 3. Meaning that it looks like a Type 3, with the classical elements of a watch made to go underwater. For more details about this unique watch, take a look at our review here.

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Ressence Type 5BB Full Black - 1

The new Ressence Type 5BB is all about a visual update. While the first edition was coming in a case made of nude titanium, this new edition shares the same case and design (with a 46mm diameter), with still a titanium base but that is now coated with Black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon – and we know that resistance of such coating on titanium is superb). The visual effect is rather striking as the case and the dial almost become one. However, the contrast between the matte black case and the glossy black dial emphasizes the presence of oil into the dial. This new black design on the Ressence Type 5BB is complemented by a black leather strap – but a black fabric strap will also be delivered with the watch, in order to be used in humid conditions.

Ressence Type 5BB Full Black - 2

The new “all black” Ressence Type 5BB will be showed during Baselworld 2016 – and we’ll give you more details at that time. It will have the same price as the normal edition in titanium, meaning 31,500 Euros (inc. taxes). More details on Ressence new website.

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  1. It is a very unusual watch which probably polarises opinion. The price tag might indicate a low expected sales volume?

  2. It’s beautiful, but in reality, would a dive watch costing that much ever experience more than just a spritz of Evian?

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