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Pre-Baselworld 2016 – Introducing the MCT Sequential Two S210 (specs & price)

| By Brice Goulard | 3 min read |
MCT Sequential Two S210 - Pre-Baselworld 2016

MCT, a.k.a Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps, is a brand that we have covered quite extensively here, at Monochrome-Watches, for a very simple reason: their watches rule. You know us, we love timepieces with a different display of time, watches that indicate time with something different than just hands placed on the central axis of the movement. And with MCT, we’re clearly satisfied, with time displayed via rotating prisms. For Baselworld 2016, their second creation, the Sequential Two, will receive a new treatment. Here are the new MCT Sequential Two S210 watches.

The MCT Sequential Two was introduced in 2014 and answered an issue posed by some collectors. Indeed, the first watch of the brand, even if extremely well designed to us, was a squared watch, something that a part of the collectors don’t appreciate much. The solution, in the name of the MCT Sequential Two, was to keep the same DNA – both for the design and the technical aspect – with a new round shape, still impressive, but slightly less aggressive than the squared MCT Sequential One. However, the Sequential Two isn’t just the same movement applied into a round case. This watch also solved the main issue of the first watch introduced (legibility of the minute track – see our article for more details) and brought some daily comfort, via an automatic winding.

MCT Sequential Two S210 - Pre-Baselworld 2016

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The 2016 editions of the MCT Sequential Two are mainly visual updates, as keeping the same movement. However, the dial – or at least the elements composing the face of the watch – has been entirely redesigned, using the same theme as the MCT Sequential One S110 – the older Sequential Two was still relying on the older design, also shared in the early editions of the S100. First of all, the background of the dial is now tinted in anthracite or champagne, with a silky appearance. The cross-shaped structure in the middle of the dial (a signature of the brand), is now more opened, more architectural and more aggressive, with sharp edges. Its construction relies on two steps, to bring a nice depth and to follow the curvature of the sapphire crystal. Like in the S110, this cross-shaped structured is affixed to the dial via 4 large screws, here coated in black or blue (to match with the large minute hand).

MCT Sequential Two S210 - Pre-Baselworld 2016

The rest of the 2016 MCT Sequential Two S210 is in keeping to the previous editions. The case, made in grade 5 titanium (coated in dark grey on the edition with red accents and left raw on the edition featuring blue accents), measures 46.4mm x 15.1mm. It is a rather hefty watch (something that is implied by the unusual display) but it wears surprisingly well, a comfort mainly due to the short and curved lugs (which are still using a bold and impressive design). The case is specific also because of the sapphire crystal layer inserted in the middle of the case band, which allows light directly into the movement.

MCT Sequential Two S210 - Pre-Baselworld 2016

The display of these 2016 MCT Sequential Two S210 watches is still the same as the earlier editions: 4 modules, composed of 5 rotating prisms, each to display 3 numerals (then displaying all together the 12 hours), a central bridge with cross-shaped structure that jumps every hour to emphasize the current hour and a large central hand (here making a normal 360 degrees run over the dial) to display the minutes – more details about the display in our in-depth review here. This movement, compared to the previous ones, also added a micro-rotor, allowing for a comfortable automatic winding (without bringing extra height to the movement).

MCT Sequential Two S210 - Pre-Baselworld 2016

These new editions of the MC Sequential Two, the S210, will be officially launched during Baselworld 2016. Prices aren’t revealed yet but expect around 85,000 Swiss Francs (before taxes). More details on

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