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Pre Baselworld 2014: Introducing the MCT Sequential Two S200

| By Frank Geelen | 4 min read |
MCT Sequential Two S200

Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps, or short MCT, created a magnificent timepiece with the Sequential One, which was introduced in 2008. It is a technical marvel that doesn’t simply displays time with the usual hour, minute and second hands. It features one of the most novel ways to display time, by means of rotating prisms and a jumping C-shape. Last year we introduced you to the Sequential One S110, today we introduce to you the new ROUND watch with MCT’s signature prism display, called the Sequential Two S200.

Without a photo the “prisms and rotating C-shape” it’s rather difficult to explain in a few words how the Sequential Two displays time. The first difficulty is that the C-shape, which is relief-engraved with “Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps”, rotates counter-clockwise. The C-shape has a 90 degree opening, which unveils the actual hour. And that actual hour is displayed by means of five prisms, which rotate to show the correct number. The centrally positioned minute hand indicates the minutes on a minute track that is surrounding the dial’s perimeter.

MCT Sequential Two S200

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This ‘C-shape’ arc rotates 90° anticlockwise, every hour, so its opening unveils the new hour. This means that the hours have to be read from four positions on the dial, being the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock position. On previous (Sequential One) models the rotating C-shape also functioned as the minute track, meaning the central minute hand did 60 minutes in 270 degrees, instead of 360 degrees. The new movement makes it easier to comprehend how the time is indicated, however the magical jumping C-shape and rotating of the prisms will remain a technical fairy tale for the person wearing it.

The case is also a work of contemporary art, featuring very distinctive lugs and a sapphire ring in the caseband. Yes indeed, a sapphire ring is set into the case band, and goes around the movement. This sapphire crystal ring allows light into the indications, complication and movement, creating a stronger three-dimensional visual treat. When you own an MCT, either the Sequential One or the Sequential Two, believe me, you do want to see how the mechanisms work to rotate the prisms.

MCT Sequential Two S200

The top sapphire crystal is domed and lets you glimpse onto the movement, from the side. That’s great of course, but there are more advantages: the timepiece appears slimmer and in conjunction with the sapphire caseband ring and display back, it allows light to illuminate the displays and mechanisms from nearly every angle. In short: more three-dimensional visual treats.

Inside, well exposed to the outside by the way, ticks the in-house developed movement that drives the rotating of both prisms, the central minute hand and the jumping of the C-shape. The movement is powered by an 18K gold micro-rotor, which makes it possible to keep the movement very slim.

Maybe you can imagine that rotating four sets of five prisms (indicating the hours) and the C-shape that jumps every hour, consume more energy than rotating normal central hour and minute hands. So the challenge was to create a movement that has enough torque and energy. Besides an efficient movement, with a large main spring barrel and a solid gold micro rotor to load the energy source, MCT have used the newest technology for teeth profiles on the gears.

MCT Sequential Two S200

The use of high efficiency gears mean less energy wasted in friction losses, higher and more consistent power to the regulator for higher precision and a longer power reserve. The bridges of the movement have been black coated, after they have been hand-finished: côtes de Genève, beveling and polishing the hand-made bevels. These black bridges offer a high contrast backdrop to the red gold of rotor, screws and mainspring chaton.

The complex movement comprises no less than 507 individual components and 85 jewels!

The Sequential Two − S200 is available in red gold with dark dial elements or white gold with light dial elements.

MCT Sequential Two S200

Some specifications:

  • Case: 18K red gold or 18K white gold with sapphire ring around the caseband, diameter 44.6 mm, height 14.5mm, sapphire crystals with double anti-reflect coating on top crystal, anti-reflect coating on display back crystal, sapphire crystal inset in caseband, water resistance: 30 meters/ 3 ATM/ 100 feet
  • Movement: developed in-house, automatic winding with 18K gold micro-rotor, balance frequency 28,800vph (2.5 Hz), hairspring with Breguet terminal curve, power reserve of 40 hours, hand-polished bevels and côtes de Genève, 507 individual components, 85 jewels
  • Display: large hours by sequential display of four prisms; central minutes. Hour prisms: three numbers on each, each hour module composed of five prisms

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