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The Norqain Wild One of 1, a Customizable Watch with 3.5 Million Configurations

The bold Wild One is now fully customizable and incorporates gold options.

| By Xavier Markl | 1 min read |

A high-tech, rugged, all-terrain sports watch made of an innovative carbon fibre composite material, the Norqain Wild One (launched in 2022) was an important step in the development of the young, independent, family-owned watchmaking brand. Its elaborate design presents ample opportunity for personalization. Norqain now introduces a fully customizable iteration of this model, incorporating gold for the first time. Utilizing a sleek 3D digital configurator, you can now design a watch that reflects your individuality and aligns with your personal preferences. Meet the Norqain Wild One of 1.

While Norqain hasn’t pioneered the online watch configurator (examples have existed at Porsche Design, IWC or Armin Strom), it has pushed the envelope pretty far. According to the brand, the customization programme offers 3.5 million possible configurations. Crafting your own Wild One of 1 involves an 11-step process, starting with the selection of movement, with a choice between Kenissi or Sellita SW200 calibres. The initial decision is between white or pink gold for the 42mm case top. Further personalization extends to 12 colour options for the shock absorbers and a choice of four different back plates. 

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The flank plate can be adorned in gold or NORTEQ colours and even engraved with a personal touch. Dial options include six skeletonized and 12 solid or closed dial designs. Additionally, there’s a palette of 12 colours for the rubber strap and various buckle choices. For the ultimate personalization, you can imprint an outline image, like a portrait, logo, or text onto the watch’s sapphire caseback.

The Wild One of 1 configurator is now available on Norqain’s website and also through the company’s retail network. From a logistical and manufacturing standpoint, Norqain has set an ambitious target of delivering all orders within three months. The price starts at CHF 15,560. For more information, please visit

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  1. Love the idea but the price sounds like a limiting factor, at least 1/3 if not more too expensive in my humble opinion.


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