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IWC Launches An Individualisation Program To Create Your Own Portugieser Chronograph

Different combinations of case materials, dial colours and straps to create your personal IWC Portugieser Chronograph... But only in a couple of places so far.

| By Brice Goulard | 2 min read |

Mechanical watches have long lost their status as essential instruments, becoming emotional items that can say a lot about the owner. It’s all about the passion, the romantic feel to have a mechanical object rather than looking at the time on a phone… For this reason, the customisation of watches, the ability to create a watch that perfectly suits your style and values, has become a big thing. We’ve seen such individualisation programs in the past, from relatively confidential brands – think about Armin Strom – or accessible brands – like Certina. But today, it’s a mainstream luxury brand of an unprecedented scale that comes with such a concept, as IWC presents a customization program to create your personal version of the Portugieser Chronograph IW3716. But with limited availability so far. 

Only available from its flagship boutiques at the Dubai Mall and Shanghai Taikoo Hui Mall, the individualisation service for the Portugieser Chronograph is a rather stunning initiative. The idea, using a selection of dials, case materials and straps/bracelets is to mix-and-match parts in order to create a version of the Portugieser Chronograph that reflects your personality. And unlike an online configurator, different combinations of materials and colours can be tried out directly on the wrist in the boutique, turning the individualisation process into a touch-and-feel experience.

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The concept is rather simple, but certainly very appealing and efficient. Starting with a choice of two cases – in steel or 18k rose gold, positioned at the centre of the display console – the future owner then has a choice of 16 dial colours, all developed exclusively for this service – making them even more unique. It includes vibrant colours such as turquoise, indigo, aubergine, or ginger. Each dial can be paired with rhodium-plated or gold-plated appliques and hands. Finally, the watch can be fitted with a strap of choice, ranging from colourful calfskin or alligator leather, leather alternatives such as TimberTex and rubber straps, or a stainless steel bracelet. Once finished with his concept, the client will receive his watch after approximately three weeks. A small “I” in a circle, placed in the small seconds sub-counter at 6 o’clock, identifies each chronograph as an individually configured version.

The IWC Portugieser Chronograph individualisation service is currently available exclusively at IWC’s boutique at the Dubai Mall and Shanghai Taikoo Hui Mall. It will be launched in other flagship locations at a later stage. No words were given yet on the price difference compared to a classic version of the reference IW3716. Nevertheless, it is a truly great initiative that we’re eager to see open in all locations around the globe. And in all fairness, there are some truly cool colours on display…

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4 responses

  1. This is such an awesome idea, I long for the day that customisation options will be the standard. I’m getting so tired of waiting for years for a brand to release a different colour for one of their models and then pretending like they are so amazing and innovative.

    Just look at the smash hit Black Bay 58 for example. It’s an amazing watch with so much potential for different colors, yet we only have TWO options to choose from 5 years after the original release date. Tudor enthusiasts are left waiting for years with hopes of their favorite watch getting another color. And then when it finally happens a part of the watch community acts like its the most genius move ever. Wow good job, you added a green colorway after 5 years. That should’ve been an option to begin with.

    I am not advocating for every part of a watch to be customizable but I hope that brands will at least offer more variety as IWC is doing here with multiple dial, case and strap options to choose from. In my opinion this will really spice up the watch world and will truly allow collectors to showcase their personality.

  2. Cool, let’s hope they will do the same for the Pilot watches later on. They once had an configurator in the IWC app but they dropped that later on.

  3. How is this different from “made to order from a product with 32 variants”?

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