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Jaeger-LeCoultre Launches The Collectibles, A Capsule Collection of Stunning Vintage Watches

A capsule collection of pre-loved Jaeger-LeCoultre watches complemented by a master reference book.

| By Xavier Markl | 2 min read |
Jaeger-LeCoultre The Collectibles Collection of Pre-Owned Watches

Old is gold. Rounding out a collection with some pre-owned timepieces is a very special feeling, especially if we are talking about emblematic or rare models… As the trend for vintage watches consolidates, the market for second-hand luxury watches is growing fast. In its 2022 Swiss Industry Report, Deloitte estimates that the pre-owned market accounts for CHF 20 billion and is likely to reach CHF 35 billion, making up for more than half of the primary market. The second-hand business has transformed dramatically and professionalised over the past few years, with a proliferation of players, including brands that are launching their own CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) programmes to capture part of this market and positively influence the perception and value of their watches. Among these is the recent initiative of Rolex allowing its retailers to certify and sell models with a two-year Rolex international warranty. Now, Jaeger-LeCoultre announces The Collectibles, a programme covering watches from a carefully curated selection of vintage models.

The scale of the programme is restricted to a curated selection of rare and sought-after Jaeger-LeCoultre timepieces. The announcement coincides with the presentation of the eponymous The Collectibles coffee-table book. This reference book covers 17 of the Grande Maison’s most significant models of the last century, including some Reverso, Geophysic, Futurematic and Memovox watches produced between 1925 and 1974.

Jaeger-LeCoultre The Collectibles Collection of Pre-Owned Watches

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Every watch from The Collectibles programme has been checked and restored in-house by Jaeger-LeCoultre. They come with a brand-new strap, an extract from the archives listing its technical details and a copy of The Collectibles book.  When available, the original box and papers will be provided too. The brand also offers a 3-year warranty. The restoration department brings together a team of ten specialist watchmakers who can rely on a stock of original parts and archives to find the blueprint of pieces to remake components.

As Catherine Rénier, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre, explains, “this new program not only offers a unique opportunity to acquire a piece of the history of the Manufacture but also a new reference book on the most important models of our Maison from the 20th century”. Mrs Rénier adds that, “the opportunity to restore and re-sell these remarkable timepieces is a beautiful homage to our contemporary environment, where sustainability and the desire to give things a second life have come to the fore“.

Jaeger-LeCoultre The Collectibles Collection of Pre-Owned Watches

The watches offered in the frame of the programme will make for a constantly evolving capsule collection, depending on what Jaeger-LeCoultre will be able to source. Among the first watches offered are, for example, a 1933 Reverso, a 1946 Full Calendar, a 1963 Geomatic Chronometer, a 1958 Memovox Parking, a 1961 Master Mariner Deep Sea and a 1969 Shark Deep Sea chronograph with a world time bezel.

The watches in The Collectibles collection can be purchased online. They are, for now, on display at the brand’s Geneva Boutique (Rue du Rhône 56, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland), but the collection is expected to travel around the world.

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8 responses

  1. With JLC raising their prices for new watches exponentially, Richemont now has put the same strategy to work with used watches. Even I can see what’s going on here. What a racket! Tennis anyone?

  2. A lot of hate for this brand after the pricing rip off scheme . Lets see how this plays out.

  3. hmm let’s buy super polished , modern refinished , redial vintage JLCs from a manufacturer that I personally know was clueless about even what a futurematic was 5 years ago in Switzerland. Looks promising. As long as a vintage piece is not well preserved , but totally repainted by Richmont eh.

  4. Jaeger-LeCoultre has been a massive let down for me in recent years. There have been hardly any new watches excluding the Reverso model. Most of the watches are grand-complications listed at prices not approachable for the average enthusiast. Why not focus on creating new watches and new icons?

  5. Agree with many points. I have found JLC interesting due to its sweet spot in between Rolex and the more luxurious brands above. There were always some particularities with JLC which you had to warm up to, but once done, you understood the reasoning behind and it was up to you to buy in design and built wise or not. The recent price increase staccato is not justified in any way. The particularities become shortcomings, no screw down crowns on sport watches and divers, movements behind see through casings, which are way to small, see 41mm polaris no date, too much polishing everywhere in that collection on top of things. The Reverso has no base automatic model anymore. On the positive, you can correct the offering, it is fully in JLCs hands to build better watches for a broader customer base. But the short-sightedness of many brands these days, also outside of the watch industry, to hike prices, even though not justified, leaves a very sour taste with consumers for a long time, but also poses a problem to those companies: How do you bring down a price again without losing face and with a solid explanation? Example in Germany: Mini Cooper 3 door JCW within the same release version cost base some 32.000 Euro, now 39.000, some extras are now included, but all in all not comprehensible, same with watches. many brands price themselves out of competition.

  6. Well, call me naive, but if JLC says watches such as Polaris without a screw down crown are resistant to 200m depth, and the movement has been tested in the case for 1000 hours, including a pressure test to the watch’s rated depth, either they are lying about the quality of their watches or their watches are very good. Personally I don’t think I’ll make it to a 200m depth in the ocean with my Polaris.

  7. Love the mechanical alarm watch!!
    JLC pull this one off nicely! With the patina lume and great size remaking the vintage watch.
    Always love the vintage look 👍🏽

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