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The Newly Released 2024 Rolex Price List Shows a More Reasonable Yearly Increase

Following a significant increase in 2023, Rolex comes back to a more standard price increase for 2024.

| By Brice Goulard | 8 min read |
2024 Rolex Price List - Price Increase Rolex 2024

Without surprises, the arrival of a new year also means subsequent price changes for brands (and this isn’t limited to watch brands, but you’ll find these in multiple other industries). Last year already, we published the newly released price list of Rolex, which showed a rather impressive increase in the RRP of most models, with precious metal and two-tone watches being particularly affected – something we also did in 2022, but then steel models were primarily impacted by this increase. As we enter 2024, Rolex has already updated its website with new prices for all references. However, compared to previous years, we might have some good news… or should I say less disappointing news. While we can’t avoid the price increase, it is more reasonable than in previous years, as the 2024 Rolex price list shows, on average, a rise of about 4% of the RRP. 

Method: to simplify this 2024 Rolex price list and to have a reliable comparative background to Rolex prices in 2023, we’ll be using the same method as previous years, meaning a year-on-year (YOY) comparison – January 2023 vs. January 2024 – and with the prices in Euro, on the French market, and including VAT. This allowed us to use the article we published last year as a precise comparison, using the same market, currency and models. The only exceptions to note are the watches presented at Watches & Wonders in March 2023. For these recent models (Cosmograph Daytona, Yacht-Master 42 Titanium, Explorer 40, Updated Sky-Dweller, 1908 Collection, Yellow Gold and Rolesor GMT Master II), we’re using the price at the time of their introduction. We’ve also noticed identical price evolutions in the UK and US markets.

Rolex Yacht-Master 42 RLX Titanium 226627

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In 2023, Rolex started the year, like many other brands from the watch industry (and from other industries), with a rather significant price correction. Most of the models have been impacted by a rise of about 7 to 8% of the price, except Rolesor models (two-tone, steel-and-gold), showing an increase of about 11%. The economic situation in late 2022 and early 2023, with a strong increase in production costs and other expenses (such as the price of energy or raw materials), somehow justified this situation.

Looking at the wider image, according to the OECD, “the global economy continues to confront the challenges of both low growth and elevated inflation, with a mild slowdown (in 2024), mainly as a result of the necessary monetary policy tightening over the past two years. Inflation has declined from last year’s peaks.” The situation isn’t ideal yet, but it seems that inflation isn’t growing as fast as it used to in 2023, and prices are rising less quickly. Also, if we’re looking more closely, the watch market isn’t as prolific now as it was in 2022 and early 2023. Even if the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry reported that “exports reached their highest-ever monthly level in November (2023)”, it also reports a “more moderate rate of growth since the summer.” Also, second-hand prices have corrected and returned to more acceptable levels, with a few exceptions, of course.

Rolex GMT-Master II Steel and Yellow Gold 126713GRNR

Rolex being Rolex, it remains a highly hermetic company that doesn’t disclose its sales or production figures (presiding over Montres Rolex SA is a foundation, the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, which owns and controls Rolex to this day, and there is no requirement to disclose financial statements under the law.) We can’t precisely claim that Rolex had a more prolific year in 2023 than in 2022. However, several experts, such as Vontobel or Morgan Stanley, still indicate some growing figures in their estimates and the word about easier availability of some references is spreading…

Rolex Perpetual 1908 reference 52508 Yellow Gold Review

Considering this situation, it’s time to look at the 2024 Rolex price list. Before we move into the details for each collection, it must be said that this year’s correction is more moderate than in the past. On average, prices are up 4% with no distinction between materials or models – which wasn’t the case in 2022 and 2023. Let’s now look at the detailed 2023 Rolex price list per collection.

Cosmograph Daytona

The case of Rolex’s star chronograph is a bit special since the collection was entirely revamped in March 2023, with watches starting to be delivered in the second half of the year. Thus, we have to compare what’s comparable, and we’re looking here at the evolution of the price of the 126xxx generation. Indeed, when the collection was introduced, it carried a slight price increase compared to the previous 116xxx generation – a minimal one of 300 euros on a steel version (EUR 14,650 for the 116500LN in January 2023, EUR 14,950 for the 126500LN in March 2023). Overall, the price of the 126xxx sees an increase of about 4%, with a more controlled rise of the platinum edition, while the Rolesor models are a bit more impacted… but surely not as much as in 2023. Also, the Paul Newman-Inspired white gold “Le Mans” reference 126529LN, despite being released later in 2023, is equally impacted.

2024 Rolex Price List - Price Increase Rolex 2024 - Rolex Daytona

Submariner and Submariner Date

Whatever the version – date or no date – or the material used, the Submariner collection sees its prices increase by around 4%. No evolution is to be seen in the collection, which is the same as when this dive watch was updated in 2020. We can’t note this year the same difference between the steel and the Rolesor version, which was particularly affected by the price increase last year.

2024 Rolex Price List - Price Increase Rolex 2024 - Rolex Submariner

GMT Master II

Following an increase of about 7% last year for the steel models – Batman (blue-black BLNR), Pepsi (blue-red BLRO) and Sprite/Destro (green-black VTNR) – all these references are mildly affected by the evolution of prices. Two new models were presented in 2023 at Watches & Wonders, the GRNR versions with yellow gold or yellow Rolesor cases and bracelets. Despite their recent introduction, these two models are equally impacted by the price increase.

2024 Rolex Price List - Price Increase Rolex 2024 - Rolex GMT Master II

SEA-DWELLER, DEEPSEA and Deepsea Challenge

Even though there was no evolution in this collection this year, it has to be noted that Rolex’s most impressive dive watch, the Deepsea Challenge, was unveiled in late 2022. As such, it was not impacted by the evolution of the price in early 2023. As expected, this situation has changed now and the gigantic 11,000-metre water-resistant watch also sees its price rise, however from a fairly restrained 2%. The classic 43mm Sea-Dweller and the Deepsea are impacted by the same 4 to 5% rise as the rest of the watches.

2024 Rolex Price List - Price Increase Rolex 2024 - Rolex Deepsea - Rolex Sea-Dweller

Explorer and Explorer II

As part of what probably was Rolex’s most prolific collection ever (the 2023 range counted no fewer than nine new sub-collections) was a new Explorer, in 40mm, to sit alongside the vintage-inspired 36mm versions. No surprise for these adventure-themed watches, which all see their prices rise in the 4% range. The same can be said about the Explorer II.

2024 Rolex Price List - Price Increase Rolex 2024 - Rolex Explorer

Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II

The situation for the Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II collection has long been different from the rest of the professional collection. Already in 2022 and 2023, we’ve seen disparities in the evolution of prices. This year, again, some of the references (YM in Rolesium – steel with platinum bezel) are only impacted by a 2% increase. On the other hand, the Rolesor and YG Yacht-Master II are some of the watches with the strongest growth in price this year. The recently introduced Titanium 42mm Yacht-Master is impacted in the same vein as most models.

2024 Rolex Price List - Price Increase Rolex 2024 - Rolex Yacht-master

Air King and Sky-Dweller

In last year’s article, this section also included the Milgauss, which was discontinued in 2023. Now, whether we look at the Air King 126900, a relatively recent model, or the discreetly updated Sky-Dweller of 2023 (new dials, upgraded movement), the increase of the price is in the 4% range, whatever the material used. For the latter, being a model launched in March 2023, we’re comparing the prices at the time of the introduction and the prices now, yet the new model didn’t come with a price increase at the time of its presentation.

2024 Rolex Price List - Price Increase Rolex 2024 - Rolex Air King - Rolex Sky-Dweller

Datejust 41 and Datejust 36

Rolex’s most classic watch, the Datejust, has not been updated in 2023, and the collection remains as wide as it used to be in the past – there are well over 300 versions listed on the brand’s website, taking into account all possible materials, diameters, dial colours, bezel styles and bracelet types. For this reason, we’re only listing here some of the classic references – steel or Rolesor – to give a broad idea of the situation in this collection.

2024 Rolex Price List - Price Increase Rolex 2024 - Rolex Datejust

Day-Date 40 and Day-Date 36

Another classic and extremely large collection of Rolex, the Day-Date, is exclusively available in precious metals (gold or platinum). Hundreds of combinations are available, so we’re only listing here the most classic versions, which are all affected by a price increase of about 4%, much less than the evolution of 2023.

2024 Rolex Price List - Price Increase Rolex 2024 - Rolex Day-Date

OYSTER PERPETUAL 41, 36, 34, 31 AND 28

Last year, Rolex’s entry-level collection, the Oyster Perpetual, faced a massive 11% price increase. Available in no fewer than five different sizes, the collection now undergoes a slightly more minor price correction than the rest of the range. The much-discussed Celebration dial presented this year faces the same increase, and its price is the same as a model with a flat, monochromatic dial.

2024 Rolex Price List - Price Increase Rolex 2024 - Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Perpetual 1908

A new collection presented in March 2023 and the successor to the Cellini watches, the Perpetual 1908 is the most elegant model in Rolex’s catalogue. It also included a brand-new movement, refined decorations and a sapphire back. Knowing its recent introduction, we’re comparing the prices at the time of its launch and January 2024.

2024 Rolex Price List - Price Increase Rolex 2024 - Rolex 1908

You can consult the updated prices of Rolex in your region by visiting

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  1. What i find silly is some models like the YT RLX and Daytona didn’t even show up in 2023 on the market. So their prices were always meant as 2024 prices.

  2. What’s the Difference Between YOY and YTD?

    YOY looks at a 12-month change. Year-to-date (YTD) looks at a change relative to the beginning of the year (usually Jan. 1). YTD can provide a running total, while YOY can provide a point of comparison.

  3. It seems completely out of touch to say “a more reasonable yearly increase” but hey thats the industry I guess. Consumer friendly and fair pricing is not what I assocate with the swiss

  4. I honestly see these yearly increases unjustified. Like what kind of improvements have been made in terms of design, or movement? I think there’ll be a time when they squeeze the demand until people lose interest in their watches. Already the digital watches are pushing the Swiss brands hard against the wall!

  5. Depends what country – Canada had some massive increases (10% + on some models)
    that said, nothing compares to JLC increasing prices last year: 30% increase on a reverso duo

  6. @Jonathan Bhimani-Burrows – indeed, it also depends on the currency and exchange rates. There are some markets that will face more important increase than other (Canada being one)

  7. I’m sure this will be a minority view: I want Rolex to raise price 15% or 20% – kill the grey market for many (most?) models.

  8. Good luck if you can find one. Even the display watch is not for sale

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