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The MONOCHROME x Bernard Favre Planet Watch Winder

The gyroscopic motions of this monochromatic winder make for the coolest watch winder out there.

| By Frank Geelen | 2 min read |
MONOCHROME x Bernard Favre Planet Watch Winder

We don’t often do this, but we have something new and exciting in our webshop. When I say it’s a watch winder, you’d probably yawn and move on (although the winders from SwissKubik and Scatola del Tempo we have are the best-in-class winders), but we wanted to alert you to the arrival of the latest  MONOCHROME edition of the super-cool gyroscopic Bernard Favre Planet watch winder

A standard watch winder rotates a watch around one axis. It rotates in one direction, pauses, and then rotates in the other direction, repeating this motion eternally. Of course, there are differences between the gazillions of choices of watch winders out there. We went for SwissKubik and Scatola because they are equipped with the same ‘engine’ that runs for three years on two standard 1.5-volt batteries. That’s super convenient, and it even allows you to keep a winder in your safe. Handy with a perpetual calendar! The build quality is also the best, and everything works smoothly.

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MONOCHROME x Bernard Favre Planet Watch Winder

On the other hand, the Planet Winder is a so-called gyroscopic watch winder. It rotates the watch in multiple directions, over two axes, mimicking the wrist’s movement. We’ve always had a thing for this gyroscopic winder simply because it looks so incredibly cool. That’s why we reached out to Bernard Favre to talk about his invention. Well, following our chat, we asked about a special edition for MONOCHROME, and he agreed! After some toing and froing, we settled for a  slightly modified top plate to include the same small scallops of a Rolex bezel. Not only is the winder an all-black monochromatic edition (like our brand name), but it is also inscribed with “MONOCHROME by Bernard Favre”.

MONOCHROME x Bernard Favre Planet Watch Winder

While it might not be the most affordable winder on the market, the build quality is just perfect and the winding autonomy – after the internal battery is fully charged – is of 120 days. And the cherry on top of the cake is, of course, its hyper-cool presence.

Please take a look in the watch winder section in our shop or go directly to the MONOCHROME by Bernard Favre Planet Winder.

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