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Martin Braun offers huge discount

| By Frank Geelen | 3 min read |

Today i visited Martin Braun’s website to check out some details about his in-house caliber MAB 88, but my attention was immediately distracted… Martin Braun offers huge discount on the entire collection!

The discount Martin Braun offers is so incredibly good that I had to share this good news. Check it out, but maybe you first want to know a bit more about Martin Braun watches?

On most watch forums news about Martin Braun is kind of rare. Although I’ve frequented most large watch forums, I actually know nothing about Martin Braun’s watches. After seeing an hilarious advertisement video (I can really recommend watching this video!!) I decided to take a look at his website a few months ago. At that time they offered a chance to win a Martin Braun EOS just by answering a few questions. The watch give-away closed a few days ago and the winner will be announced on December 18th. Shall I win this watch… fingers crossed!!

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Martin Braun EOS
Martin Braun EOS

Now on to the huge discounts, the actual reason for this post! At the time of posting this news, the online discount Martin Braun USA offers lasts for another 11 days, meaning it will end on tuesday December 22nd. If you like a Martin Braun watch, now really is the time!

Martin Braun Selene with Meteorite dial
Martin Braun Selene Meteorite dial

The Selene collection is one of my favorites. Especially the Selene with meteorite dial looks intriguing and very beautiful. The moon phase deviates by only one day after 122 and a half year of running without adjusting it.

The moon phase is a made of  a two disks, a glass disk with a photorealistic moon and another transparent disk with two dark circles. The disk with two dark circles moves underneath the transparent moon. This way the shadow of the moon is clearly visible.

Usually this watch costs $ 16,250. Now with discount the price is  $ 9,750. This is only 60% of the normal retail price!!

My number 1 favorite is the Kephalos, also featuring a moon phase with the photorealistic moon on a glass disk. However the moon phase in the Kephalos is constructed like a retrograde. Upon reaching full or new moon, the disc begins to turn backwards. The reason for this different construction is that the two disks used on the Selene would prevent additional complications, since these two disks fully cover the movement. An indicator between 7 and 8 o’clock displays whether the moon is moving toward full (waxing) or new moon (waning). Besides the moon phase indicator, the Kephalos also features an annual calendar. The retrograde date was designed so that the hand never covers the moon phase display.

Martin Braun Kephalos
Martin Braun Kephalos

The Kephalos is 44 millimeter in diameter and 14.5mm thick. The sides of the case show the for Martin Braun typical coin-edge. With a sapphire crystal on both sides, according to Martin Braun’s website, the in-house movement can be seen as well. More about the in-house movement MAB 88 later.

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  1. Dear Frank,

    This is Summer, I’m asking for Martin Braun Selene Meteorite Dial Moon Phase Watch for my friend. Do you have stock? Is there any promotion for it going on?
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