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Live from SIHH 2019 – Gregory Dourde of HYT

The CEO of HYT presents two highlights of the 2019 collection with the brand's hallmark fluid technology and a reminder that time is the most precious asset in life.

| By Rebecca Doulton | 2 min read |

In our final live video chapter from the SIHH 2019, we talk to Gregory Dourde, CEO of HYT, the brand that proved that water could be introduced inside a watch to spectacular effect. Gregory Dourde selects two models for the video – the H0 Time is Precious and the H1.0 – and reveals how philosophical musings of life and death inspired the spectacular dial of the H0 Time is Precious watch.

H0 Time is Precious is an audacious mix of HYT’s fluid representation of time with a contemporary interpretation of a métiers d’art techniques, in this case, silicon marquetry. Instead of using more traditional elements like wood or nacre, HYT chose silicon which was laser-cut into 63 smaller pieces and arranged like shards of glass on the dial. The fragments of silicon plates have a mirror finish and reflect the surroundings and the owner’s face. “It’s a modern take on the phenomenon of memento mori, without the skull,” explains Dourde. A permanent reminder to the owner that time is the ultimate luxury because, as he adds, “you can buy just about anything, but you can’t buy time.” Fitted with a regulator-type dial and red fluid to indicate the passing time, this model brings an artistic dimension to HYT’s line-up of hyper-technical watches.

The second watch Dourde presents is the reworked H1.0, a tribute to the more mechanical and scientific environment we associate with HYT. The main updates of the H1.0 are increased transparency and water-resistance along with a slightly smaller case size of 48.8mm. Transparency has been exalted with a steeply domed sapphire crystal for enhanced views of the fluid mechanics, and the water-resistance has been jacked up from 30 to 50 metres. The hours can be read with the advancing fluid or on the side of the case where cut-outs reveal the capillary liquid. An off-centred minute counter flanked by a power reserve indicator occupies the top of the dial while the sci-fi bellows dominate the bottom half of the dial. Three versions will be available; silver case with blue liquid, black case with green liquid, anthracite case with red liquid. The watch will retail for CHF 49,000.

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